Xiangkhouang may refer to:
  • Xiangkhouang Province
  • Xiangkhoang Plateau
    Xiangkhoang Plateau
    The Xiangkhouang Plateau or Tran Ninh Plateau is a plateau in the north of Laos. The landscape is characterized by green mountains, rugged karst formations and verdant valleys with plenty of rivers, caves and waterfalls. The highest peaks of the plateau are between 2000 and 2800 meters high...

  • Xieng Khouang Airport
    Xieng Khouang Airport
    Xieng Khouang Airport is an airport in Phonsavan, Laos .-Airlines and destinations:Lao Airlines offers six flights a week in peak season and four flights to Vientiane in low season.Flights are at noon and leave in the early afternoon.-References:...

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