XX Corps
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A number of countries have a Twentieth, or XX, Corps
A corps is either a large formation, or an administrative grouping of troops within an armed force with a common function such as Artillery or Signals representing an arm of service...

  • Italian XX Motorised Corps
    Italian XX Motorised Corps
    The Italian XX Motorised Corps was an armoured formation of the Italian army. The Corps took part in the Western Desert Campaign in World War II from summer 1941 to 1943...

  • XX Corps (German Empire)
    XX Corps (German Empire)
    The XX Army Corps was a unit of the German Army that was stationed in Allenstein . At the beginning of World War I, the corps was transferred to the Eastern Front...

  • XX Corps (Ottoman Empire)
    XX Corps (Ottoman Empire)
    The XX Corps of the Ottoman Empire was one of the corps of the Ottoman Army. It was formed during the World War I.- Order of Battle, December 1916 :In December 1916, the corps was structured as follows:...

  • XX Corps (United Kingdom)
  • XX Corps (United States)
    XX Corps (United States)
    The XX Corps of the United States Army fought from northern France to Austria in World War II. Constituted by redesignating the IV Armored Corps, which had been activated at Camp Young, California on 5 September 1942, XX Corps became operational in France as part of Lieutenant General George S....

  • XX Corps (ACW)
    XX Corps (ACW)
    Two corps of the Union Army were called XX Corps during the American Civil War. Though both served in the Union Army of the Cumberland, they were distinct units and should be recognized as such.- McCook's Corps :...

     - A United States Army Corps during the American Civil War.
  • 20th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
    20th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
    The Twentieth Army Corps of the Imperial Russian Army was a World War I corps that fought on the Eastern theatre of war.Before World War I 20th Corps was stationed in the Vilno Military District, with corps headquarters in Riga.-History:...

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