Words Without Borders
Words Without Borders is an international magazine
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 opened to international exchange through translation
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, publication, and promotion of the world’s best writing and authors who are not easily accessible to English-speaking readers.

Translation and knowledge

Words Without Borders publishes selected prose and poetry on the web and organizes special events that connect foreign writers to the public; it develops also materials for high school teachers and is interested to build an "online resource center" for contemporary global writing. Words without Borders is supported also by the National Endowment for the Arts
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, the New York State Council on the Arts
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 and the Lannan Foundation. Words without Borders was founded by Alane Salierno Mason, translator of Elio Vittorini
Elio Vittorini
Elio Vittorini was an Italian writer and novelist. He was a contemporary of Cesare Pavese and an influential voice in the modernist school of novel writing. His best-known work is the anti-fascist novel Conversations in Sicily, for which he was jailed when it was published in 1941. The first U.S...

, in 1999 although it did not begin publication until 2003.

David Orr, on The New York Times
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, compliments the "intelligence and idealism" of WWB as a site devoted to revealing a lot of special forms of foreign literatures.

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  • Words Without Borders: The World Through the Eyes of Writers (An Anthology), by Alane Salierno Mason, Dedi Felman, Samantha Schnee, Knopf Publishing Group, ISBN 1400079756 (1-4000-7975-6)
  • Literature from the "Axis of Evil"
    Literature from the "Axis of Evil"
    Literature from the "Axis of Evil" is an anthology of short stories, poems and excerpts from novels by twenty writers from seven countries, translated into English , and published by Words Without Borders in 2006....

    (a Words Without Borders anthology), ISBN 978-1-59558-205-8, 2006

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     in New York Times, February 18, 2004.
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