Winter solstice
Winter solstice may refer to:
  • Winter solstice
    Winter solstice
    Winter solstice may refer to:* Winter solstice, astronomical event* Winter Solstice , former band* Winter Solstice: North , seasonal songs* Winter Solstice , 2005 American film...

    , astronomical event
  • Winter Solstice (band)
    Winter Solstice (band)
    Winter Solstice was a Christian metalcore band from Lynchburg, Virginia signed to Metal Blade Records. They split up in 2006. Some of the former members have come together with members of Everything Falls Together and to form a new band, Ghost of a Fallen Age...

    , former band
  • Winter Solstice: North (album)
    Winter Solstice: North (album)
    Winter Solstice: North is the final release of the four part seasons collective created by Coil. Vocalists Rose McDowall and Robert Lee contribute to the song "Christmas Is Now Drawing Near", a traditional Catholic song. The song features Rosa Mundi....

    , seasonal songs
  • Winter Solstice (film)
    Winter Solstice (film)
    Winter Solstice is a 2005 American drama film written and directed by Josh Sternfeld. The screenplay focuses on the efforts of a man to interact with and relate to his sons in the years following the accidental death of his wife.-Plot:...

    , 2005 American film
  • The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1) and Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2) - Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes
  • Winter Solstice (novel) a 2000 novel
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