William Douglas, 9th Earl of Angus
William Douglas, 9th Earl of Angus (died 1 July 1591, at Glenbervie
Glenbervie is located in the North East of Scotland in the Howe o' the Mearns. One mile from the village of Drumlithie, and eight miles south of Stonehaven in Aberdeenshire, this picturesque rural area is home to Glenbervie House and estate....

) was a Scottish nobleman and zealous supporter of Mary, Queen of Scots.

He was the eldest son of Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie, Knt., by his spouse Agnes, daughter of William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal, and upon the death of Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of Angus
Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of Angus
Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of Angus and 5th Earl of Morton was the son of David, 7th earl. He succeeded to the title and estates in 1558, being brought up by his uncle, James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, a Presbyterian....

 without issue, William succeeded to that Earldom as heir-male, in 1588.

Sir Robert Douglas states that "Sir William Douglas of Glenbervie (as he was styled prior to his succession to the earldom) was a man of great honour and integrity, and a steady friend of Queen Mary. He accompanied her in her expedition to the north, and took part in the battle at Corrichie in 1562."

He had two charters under The Great Seal of Scotland
Great Seal of Scotland
The Great Seal of Scotland allows the monarch to authorise official documents without having to sign each document individually. Wax is melted in a metal mould or matrix and impressed into a wax figure that is attached by cord or ribbon to documents that the monarch wishes to make official...

, from Queen Mary, of the lands and barony of Glenbervie, Kemnay, and several others.

The Earl's death was purported to have been caused by witchcraft. During the North Berwick witch trials
North Berwick witch trials
The North Berwick witch trials were the trials in 1590 of a number of people from East Lothian, Scotland, accused of witchcraft in the St Andrew's Auld Kirk in North Berwick. They ran for two years and implicated seventy people. The accused included Francis Stewart, 5th Earl of Bothwell on charges...

, one Barbara Napier was accused and found guilty of bewitching the Earl to his death. Napier was subsequently burnt at Edinburgh's Castlehill.

Marriage and issue

The earl married Egidia (or Giles), daughter of Sir Robert Graham of Morphie, and had issue nine sons and four daughters:
  • William Douglas, 10th Earl of Angus
    William Douglas, 10th Earl of Angus
    William Douglas, 10th Earl of Angus was the son of William, the 9th Earl . He was a direct descendant of King James I through his paternal grandmother, Lady Agnes Keith, a daughter of William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal....

    , eldest son and heir
  • Archibald Douglas, Parson of Glenbervie (d.1584)
  • George Douglas (d.1590)
  • Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, received from his father the lands of Glenbervie by charter dated 14 July 1592.
  • Duncan Douglas, Parson of Glenbervie (d.1591)
  • Gavin Douglas (d. bef 1 October 1616) who married Elizabeth Keith; ancestors of the family of Douglas of Bridgeford
  • Sir John Douglas of Barras
    Barras may refer to:* Barras, Aberdeenshire, Scotland* Barras, Cumbria, England* Barras, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France* Duas Barras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil* Sete Barras, São Paulo, BrazilIn other fields:...

  • Francis Douglas (d.c. 1600)
  • Henry Douglas of Tannachy (d. 5 October 1595) who married Janet Murray at sometime before 1580. Had issue Janet Douglas born 16 Apr 1580 Dunfermline Scotland.

  • Margaret Douglas, married William Forbes of Monymusk
    Monymusk is a planned village in the Marr area of Aberdeenshire, Scotland which was almost entirely rebuilt in 1840, although its history dates back to 1170.It is a site for fishing on the nearby River Don.-External links:* *...

  • Jean Douglas, married John Wishart of Balisycht
  • Elizabeth Douglas, married Thomas Gordon of Cluny
  • Sarah Douglas, married 1st Robert Strachan, 2nd George Auchinleck of Balmanno

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