William Charles Schroeder
William Charles Schroeder (1895–1977) was an American
United States
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 ichthyologist. He was born on Staten Island
Staten Island
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, New York
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. He, along with his lifelong colleague Henry Bryant Bigelow
Henry Bryant Bigelow
Henry Bryant Bigelow was an American oceanographer and marine biologist.After graduating from Harvard in 1901, he began working with famed ichthyologist Alexander Agassiz. Bigelow accompanied Agassiz on several major marine science expeditions including one aboard the Albatross in 1907...

, made substantial contributions to the knowledge of the fish fauna of the western North Atlantic. The two described 42 new species of jawless fishes and cartilaginous fishes, and authored several seminal publications, including Fishes of the Western North Atlantic and Fishes of the Gulf of Maine.
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