Wilhelm Palais
The Wilhelmspalais is a Palais
Palais may refer to:* Palace, Palais in French**Grand Palais**Petit Palais* Palais River in the French département of Deux-Sèvres...

 located on the Charlottenplatz in Stuttgart-Mitte. It was the living quarters of the last Württemberg King Wilhelm II
William II of Württemberg
William II was the fourth King of Württemberg, from 6 October 1891 until the abolition of the kingdom on 30 November 1918...

. It was totally destroyed during World War II and between 1961 and 1965 reconstructed in modern style. Nowadays, the central library of the Stadtbücherei Stuttgart
Stadtbücherei Stuttgart
The Stadtbücherei Stuttgart is the public library of the city of Stuttgart.- Central Library :From 1965 on, the Central Library of Stuttgart has been located in the Wilhelmspalais in Stuttgart. This building was built 1834 - 1840 by Giovanni Salucci...

is situated in this building.
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