Weta trimaran
The Weta is a 14 foot sailing Trimaran designed in New Zealand by Roger and Chris Kitchen. The Weta is a one-design boat sailed internationally. It is recognised as one design class by Yachting New Zealand. The boat is constructed from fibre glass and carbon fibre, and is popular as a racing boat or day cruiser. In 2010 the Weta Trimaran was awarded Boat of the Year by Sailing World magazine.

Current specifications
Crew 1 - 4
Type Trimaran
Design One Design
Length 4.4m 14.4 ft
Beam - Rigged 3.5m 11.5 ft
Beam - on tailer 1.7m 5.6 ft
Weight Approx 100 kg approx 220 lbs
Sail Area - Main 8.3 m2 89.4 ft2
Sail Area - Jib 3.2 m2 34.5 ft2
Sail Area Gennaker 8.0 m2 86.1 ft2

Hull Fibre glass and Foam
Beams carbon
Mast/Prod Carbon
Rudder/Centreboard carbon
Hardware Ronstan
Sails Gaastra

Top recorded Speed 18 knots
Rigging time 20 minutes
Crew Capacity 200 kg 440 lbs

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