Weight over the bar
The Weight Over the Bar competition is a test of strength featured at Scottish Highland games
Highland games
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. The weight is a steel or lead weight (with a bell, spherical or cylindrical shape) attached to a metal circular handle. The weight is thrown one-handed over a bar set at increasing heights above the thrower. The thrower has three attempts for each successive height. Places are determined by maximum height reached with the fewest misses.

The size of the weight varies with the competition class. Advanced male athletes throw a 25 kg (56 lb. or four stone) weight, female athletes throw a 12 kg (28 lb.) weight and male master class or senior athletes throw a 19 kg (42 lb). weight.

There are two techniques for this event. The classic technique swings the weight between the legs before pulling the weight up and directly overhead. The alternate technique (which is not allowed in some games) involves a spinning motion, with the athlete throwing from the side.
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