Wagga Wagga War Cemetery
Wagga Wagga War Cemetery is a war cemetery
A cemetery is a place in which dead bodies and cremated remains are buried. The term "cemetery" implies that the land is specifically designated as a burying ground. Cemeteries in the Western world are where the final ceremonies of death are observed...

 that occupies a plot in the Wagga Wagga Monumental Cemetery located in the Wagga Wagga suburb of Kooringal
Kooringal, New South Wales
Kooringal is a suburb of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. Kooringal is thought to mean "Side of a Hill" in the Wiradjuri aboriginal language. Kooringal is located approximately 4 km from the CBD along Lake Albert Road. Kooringal is the basis for growth in the eastern section of Wagga...

, which is in the care of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and is maintained by the Office of Australian War Graves
Office of Australian War Graves
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The cemetery contains 83 graves, 43 airmen and 40 soldiers, 26 whom died on 21 May 1945 in Australia's largest training accident at the Royal Australian Engineers Training Camp located at the Kapooka
Kapooka, New South Wales
Kapooka is a suburb in the south west of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.The suburb of Kapooka is home to the Department of Defence's Blamey Barracks from where the Army Recruit Training Centre conducts its operations....

 Army Base which resulted in Australia's largest military funeral.


Nineteen headstones at the Wagga Wagga War Cemetery were desecrated by vandals in November 2008. On 1 April 2009 the nineteen headstones were restored at a cost of AU
Australian dollar
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$7500 with A$10,000 reward on offer for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the attack.
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