Vyatka may refer to:
  • Vyatka River
    Vyatka River
    The Vyatka River is a river in Kirov Oblast and the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia, right tributary of the Kama River. It is 1,314 km in length. The area of its basin is 129,000 km²....

    , a river in Russia
  • Vyatka, former name of the city of Kirov
    Kirov, Kirov Oblast
    Kirov , formerly known as Vyatka and Khlynov, is a city in northeastern European Russia, on the Vyatka River, and the administrative center of Kirov Oblast. Population: -History:...

    , Kirov Oblast, Russia
  • Vyatka Region, an informal name of Kirov Oblast
    Kirov Oblast
    Kirov Oblast is a federal subject of Russia . Its administrative center is the city of Kirov. Population: -History:In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Vyatka remained a place of exile for opponents of the tsarist regime, including many prominent revolutionary figures.In 1920, a number of...

     of Russia
  • Vyatka Motor Scooter, a Russian copy of Italy's Vespa
    Vespa is an Italian brand of scooter manufactured by Piaggio. The name means wasp in Italian.The Vespa has evolved from a single model motor scooter manufactured in 1946 by Piaggio & Co. S.p.A...

     Motor Scooter
  • Vyatka (horse), a sturdy breed of workhorse from the Vyatka Region
  • Viatka (dialect), a dialect of the Russian language
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