Vyacheslav Butusov
Vyacheslav Butusov born October 15, 1961, was a lead singer of Nautilus Pompilius
Nautilus Pompilius (band)
Nautilus Pompilius , sometimes nicknamed Nau , was a prominent Soviet/Russian rock band formed by the lead singer Vyacheslav Butusov and bassist Dmitry Umetsky while the two studied in Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture . The band, with its various incarnations, was active between the years 1983...

, a Russian rock group, until its disbandment. He has since started his own career as a singer.


Vyacheslav Butusov was born in Bugach Settlement of the Krasnoyarsk Region
Krasnoyarsk Krai
Krasnoyarsk Krai is a federal subject of Russia . It is the second largest federal subject after the Sakha Republic, and Russia's largest krai, occupying an area of , which is 13% of the country's total territory. The administrative center of the krai is the city of Krasnoyarsk...

. When a first-year student of Sverdlovsk Architectural Institute
Urals Academy of Architecture
Urals Academy of Architecture is situated in Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation. It was founded in 1947 as a department of architecture at the Ural State Technical University...

 he got acquainted with musician Dmitry Umetsky. The two young men were keen on music and often gathered to play together. This resulted in recording of Nautilus Pompilius’s first and not quite successful album Pereyezd (Removal) (1982–1983). In the same year Butusov met the poet Ilya Kormiltsev
Ilya Kormiltsev
Ilya Valeryevich Kormiltsev - d. February 4, 2007, London, UK) was a Russian poet, translator, and publisher.Kormiltsev is most famous for working as songwriter and producer in Nautilus Pompilius, one of most popular rock bands in Soviet Union and, later, Russia...

. Together with him Vyacheslav Butusov recorded his first mature album Nevidimka (An Invisible) in 1985. Next year their tandem released the record Razluka (Separation), which evoked terrific popularity of Nautilus Pompilius. The band’s last album Yablokitai was recorded by Butusov and Kormiltsev in 1996 in England with participation of Boris Grebenshikov and English musician Bill Nelson
Bill Nelson (musician)
Bill Nelson is an English guitarist, songwriter, producer, painter and experimental musician...

who became its producer. In 2001 Vyacheslav Butusov founded the U-Piter band and in 2007 launched his solo career.

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