Volta (TV series)
Volta was a Filipino
The Philippines , officially known as the Republic of the Philippines , is a country in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. To its north across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan. West across the South China Sea sits Vietnam...

 television series on ABS-CBN
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, which broadcast from January 2008 to March 2008. The said series is a serialization
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 of a 2004 film of the same title
Volta (film)
Volta is a 2004 action-adventure-comedy film starring Ai-Ai de las Alas as Volta. It was released under Star Cinema, ABS-CBN Film Productions. The story revolves around an ordinary woman who was given the power of electricity and used this gift for the common good by becoming a caped crusader...

 produced by Star Cinema
Star Cinema
ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. , is the wholly owned film production subsidiary of ABS-CBN Corporation. It is the Philippines' largest film production, producing most of the highest grossing films in the Philippines.-1994:...

. It was a regional semi-finalist for the 2008 International Emmy Awards under the Comedy Program category.


Volta, the Queen of Lightning kicks bad guys with her 2 children, 220 (Salty) & 110 (Pepper). Her husband, Mark does not have superpowers and is unaware that his wife Perla is the superheroine Volta—whom he has a crush on. The family live a complicated life of secrecy and double-secrecy as Volta tries to balance her life as a superheroine and a homemaker.

Aiding her in her complicated life are her best friends Din-Din and Nancy. However, complications rise when a villainous "family" surfaces to darken Volta's days—and move in on Perla's neighborhood as their next door neighbor! Will Volta ever win against her evil nemesis? Will her family find true happiness?

In the end, Volta sacrifices herself to the thunder elemental to save the world. However, before the last episode closes, a glimpse of her archenemy's hair is seen at a government cloning facility in Batangas.

Cast and characters

  • Ai-Ai de las Alas
    Ai-Ai de las Alas
    Martina Aileen de las Alas, popularly known as Ai-Ai delas Alas, is a Filipino comedienne and film actress. She has three children, two with ex-husband singer-actor Miguel Vera.She is dubbed as Philippines Comedy Queen.-Personal life:...

     as Perla Magtoto/Volta
  • Dino Imperial
    Dino Imperial
    Dino Imperial Dino Imperial Dino Imperial (born (Dino Ricardo Kilates on April 9, 1988) is a Filipino actor and commercial model. He is a member of ABS CBN's circle of homegrown talents named Star Magic, ABS-CBN's Talent Management & Development Center and stars in Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur...

     as Salty/220
  • Mariel Pamintuan as Pepper/110
  • Jayson Gainza as Mark
  • Eugene Domingo
    Eugene Domingo
    Eugene Domingo is a Filipina theater, movie and television actress. She is the only actress in the Philippine entertainment history to have participated in six films produced by eight different Filipino production companies...

     as Nancy
  • Jon "Chokoleit" Garcia as Din-Din
  • Jackielou Blanco
    Jackielou Blanco
    Jacqueline Lourdes Blanco Davao is a Filipina actress of Spanish Filipino descent. During the 1980s and the 1990s, she appeared in comedy, drama and romance films including Hihintayin kita sa langit, , Si Aida,si Lorna, o si Fe, Misis mo, misis ko, and Palabra de honor .Blanco is the daughter...

     as Black Hola Hola
  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales
    Carlos Adrián Morales Higuera is a Mexican soccer player. He currently plays for Santos Laguna in the Mexican First Division...

     as Incredible Hunk
  • DJ Durano
    DJ Durano
    DJ Durano is a Filipino actor, model, singer and recording artist.-Career:DJ’s early career in entertainment started as part of That’s Entertainment of German Moreno. During the show, he is termed as the lady killer and obviously, it is true...

     as Anthony
  • Jessie Mendiola as Chappy Girl
  • Quintin Alianza as Ice Ice Baby
  • Boy Abunda
    Boy Abunda
    Eugenio "Boy" R. Abunda, Jr. is a Filipino television host, publicist, talent manager and celebrity endorser. He is dubbed as the "King of Talk" in local show business.-Early life:Boy Abunda was born in Borongan City, Eastern Samar...

    as Ama
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