Vojens Municipality was a municipality (Danish
Danish language
Danish is a North Germanic language spoken by around six million people, principally in the country of Denmark. It is also spoken by 50,000 Germans of Danish ethnicity in the northern parts of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, where it holds the status of minority language...

, kommune
Municipalities of Denmark
This is a list of Municipalities of Denmark.-Region Hovedstaden:* Albertslund Municipality* Allerød Municipality* Ballerup Municipality* Bornholm Regional Municipality* Brøndby Municipality* Copenhagen Municipality* Dragør Municipality* Egedal Municipality...

) in the former South Jutland County
South Jutland County
South Jutland County is a former county on the south-central portion of the Jutland Peninsula in southern Denmark....

 on the Jutland
Jutland , historically also called Cimbria, is the name of the peninsula that juts out in Northern Europe toward the rest of Scandinavia, forming the mainland part of Denmark. It has the North Sea to its west, Kattegat and Skagerrak to its north, the Baltic Sea to its east, and the Danish–German...

 peninsula in south Denmark
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. The municipality, which existed from 1970 to 2006, covered an area of 298 km², and had a total population of 16,792 (2005). Its last mayor was Nis Mikkelsen, a member of the Venstre
Venstre (Denmark)
VenstreThe party name is officially not translated into any other language, but is in English often referred to as the Liberal Party. Similar rules apply for the name of the party's youth wing Venstres Ungdom. , full name Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti , is the largest political party in Denmark...

 (Liberal Party) political party
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The site of its municipal council was the town of Vojens
Vojens Municipality , was a municipality in the former South Jutland County on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark. The municipality, which existed from 1970 to 2006, covered an area of 298 km², and had a total population of 16,792...


The municipality was created in 1970 due to a kommunalreform ("Municipality Reform") that combined a number of existing parish
A parish is a territorial unit historically under the pastoral care and clerical jurisdiction of one parish priest, who might be assisted in his pastoral duties by a curate or curates - also priests but not the parish priest - from a more or less central parish church with its associated organization...

  • Hammelev Parish
  • Jegerup Parish
  • Magstrup Parish
  • Nustrup Parish
  • Oksenvad Parish
  • Skrydstrup Parish
  • Sommersted Parish
  • Vedsted Parish
  • Vojens Parish

On January 1, 2007 Vojens municipality ceased to exist, as the result of Kommunalreformen ("The Municipality Reform" of 2007). It merged with existing Gram
Gram municipality
Until January 1, 2007, Gram municipality was a municipality in South Jutland County on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark. The municipality covered an area of 131 km², and had a total population of 4,860 . Its last mayor was Hans Peter Geil, a member of the Venstre political party...

 and Haderslev
Haderslev is a town and municipality on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark. Also included is the island of Årø as well as several other smaller islands in the Little Belt. The municipality covers and has a population of 56,414 . Its mayor is Jens Christian Gjesing,...

 municipalities, as well as Bjerning, Hjerndrup, Fjelstrup and Bevtoft parishes of Christiansfeld
Christiansfeld, with a population of 2,915 , is a town in Kolding Municipality in Southern Jutland in Region of Southern Denmark in Denmark....

municipality to form the new Haderslev municipality.

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