Voice box
Voice box could mean:
  • The larynx
    The larynx , commonly called the voice box, is an organ in the neck of amphibians, reptiles and mammals involved in breathing, sound production, and protecting the trachea against food aspiration. It manipulates pitch and volume...

     (plural larynges), colloquially known as the voice box, is an organ in the neck of mammals involved in protection of the trachea and sound production.
  • The Talk box
    Talk box
    A talk box is an effects unit that allows a musician to modify the sound of a musical instrument. The musician controls the modification by lip syncing, or by changing the shape of the mouth...

    , a musical sound effects device that allows a musician to modify the sound of a musical instrument by changing the shape of the mouth.
  • The Mechanical larynx
    Mechanical larynx
    A mechanical larynx, also referred to as a "throat back", is a medical device used to produce clearer speech by those who have lost their original voicebox, usually due to cancer of the larynx. The most common device is the electrolarynx which is handheld, battery operated and placed under the...

    , used by people who have lost their voicebox due to disease or smoking-associated ailments.
  • VoiceBox Technologies
    VoiceBox Technologies
    VoiceBox Technologies is a company focused on conversational speech recognition, search and information management. The company licenses its technology to makers of telematics, digital home, mobile phone and VoIP solutions, including: InfoSpace, Johnson Controls, XM Satellite Radio, Intel, and...

    , a company focused on speech recognition, and voice search.
  • VoiceBox, a public radio program about vocal music hosted by Chloe Veltman and aired on KALW. See http://info.voicebox-media.org/search/label/about for details.
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