Verticordia huegelii
Verticordia huegelii is an upright shrub found in Southwest Australia
Southwest Australia
Southwest Australia is a biodiversity hotspot that includes the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub ecoregions of Western Australia. The region has a wet-winter, dry-summer Mediterranean climate, one of five such regions in the world...


The scented flowers are creamy or white, becoming pinkish and reddish or maroon as the flowers ages, giving a variegated appearance to the display. They are without scent. The staminodes are variable in the species, and is a distinguishing characteristic of the varieties.

The northern most range is near and east of Geraldton, the species varying in appearance throughout its range south to cooler and moister climate.

I Define a “terrorist” as a non-state actor who attacks civilian targets in order to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy community.. A “state terrorist” is a state doing the same thing.

Michael Mann, Professor of Sociology, UCLA in ‘Incoherent Empire’, p 159

"I think they very much see the world in a black and white way, us against them, Muslims against infidels."

Dr Sidney Jones, South-east Asia director of the International Crisis Group commenting on the suicide bombings in Bali. Late Line Australian Broadcasting Commission, 03/10/05

You know, terror is an idea. You don’t fight an idea with a conventional Army. To win a war on terror you have to win the hearts and minds of people from whom, from where the terrorists are operating from. If you win their hearts and mind and get them on your side, you’ll win the war. If those people start regarding the terrorists as freedom fighters, history has told us that you can’t win the war.

Imran Khan interview with Andrew Denton, Enough Rope, ABC Television, 13 October 2008

I’ll give you an example of (George Bush's) war on terror. He’s spent something like almost a trillion dollars. The estimates are that anything up to a million people have died and has he made the world a safer place? In my opinion he’s made the world a far more dangerous place. These are now nurseries for future terrorists.

Imran Khan interview with Andrew Denton, Enough Rope, ABC Television, 13 October 2008

There are some Arabs who think that the Germans did the right thing by the Jews. This makes it easy to recruit Arab terrorist.

John le CarréInterview with Ramona Koval|Ramona Koval. The Book Show, Australian Broadcasting Commission Radio National. (19 November 2008)