Verein is a German
German language
German is a West Germanic language, related to and classified alongside English and Dutch. With an estimated 90 – 98 million native speakers, German is one of the world's major languages and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union....

 word, sometimes translated as union. See:
  • Eingetragener Verein
    Eingetragener Verein
    Eingetragener Verein is a legal status for a registered voluntary association in Germany and Austria. While any group may be called a Verein, registration as eingetragener Verein holds many legal benefits because a registered association may legally function as a corporate body rather than just...

     — a registered voluntary association under German or Austrian law;
  • F√∂rderverein
  • Swiss Verein
    Swiss Verein
    A Swiss Verein is a legal structure in Swiss law. It is similar to the Anglo-American voluntary association. Unlike in Germany, a Swiss Verein does not need to be registered in order to have a separate legal personality...

     — a voluntary association under Swiss law, not necessarily registered;
  • Voluntary association
    Voluntary association
    A voluntary association or union is a group of individuals who enter into an agreement as volunteers to form a body to accomplish a purpose.Strictly speaking, in many jurisdictions no formalities are necessary to start an association...

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