Vaddaradhane by Shivakotiacharya
Shivakotiacharya , a writer of the 9th-10th century, is considered the author of didactic Kannada language Jain text Vaddaradhane . A prose narrative written in pre-Old-Kannada , Vaddaradhane is considered the earliest extant work in the prose genre in the Kannada language...

 is the earliest extant prose work in Kannada. It is a didactic work consisting of nineteen stories and is based on Harisena's Brhatkathakosa. It gives a detailed description of the life of Bhadrabahu of Shravanabelagola
Shravana Belgola is a city located in the Hassan district in the Indian state of Karnataka and is 158 km from Bangalore. The statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali at Śravaṇa Beḷgoḷa is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations in Jainism, one that reached a peak in architectural and sculptural...

. The work is dated to the 9th century but some scholars advance a pre-sixth century date for the work. Based on internal evidence, it is suggested that Shivakotiacharya may have been a native of Kogali, in the Bellary district of modern Karnataka.

The list of 19 stories are
  1. Story of Sukumara swamy
  2. Story of SukaushaLa swamy
  3. Gajakumara
  4. Sanathkumara prince
  5. Annii kavrutha
  6. Bhadrabhau bhatarara
  7. Lalithaghate
  8. Dharmaghosha
  9. Siridhinnia bhatarara
  10. Vrushabha sena bhatarara
  11. Karthika rishi
  12. Abhayaghosha rishi
  13. Vidyuthchoraa rishi
  14. Gurudatta bhatarara
  15. Chilata putra
  16. Dandaka rishi
  17. Mahendradattacharyaand
  18. Chanakya rishi
  19. Vrushabhasena rishi
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