Ursinus may refer to
  • Ursinus College
    Ursinus College
    Ursinus College is a liberal arts college in Collegeville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.-History:1867Members of the German Reformed Church begin plans to establish a college where "young men could be liberally educated under the benign influence of Christianity." These founders were hoping to...

    , a liberal arts college in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.
  • The first bishop of the diocese of Bourges, Saint Ursinus
    Ursinus of Bourges
    Saint Ursinus of Bourges is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church and is considered the first bishop of Bourges.Gregory of Tours' legendary account associated him with a Nathaniel, friend of Philip the Apostle, that he was present at the Last Supper, and read a lesson there...

  • Ursinus the Abbot
    Ursinus the Abbot
    Ursinus the Abbot was an abbot of Saint-Martin at Ligugé, and presumed biographer of Saint Leodegar. He began his career as a monk in the monastery of Saint-Maixent at Poitiers in Neustria....

    , author of the Life of Leodegar
    Saint Leodegar or Leger, Bishop of Autun , was the great opponent of Ebroin— the mayor of the Palace of Neustria— and the leader of the faction of Austrasian great nobles in the struggles for hegemony over the waning Merovingian dynasty...

     († after 690)
  • An alias of the Antipope Ursicinus
    Antipope Ursicinus
    Ursicinus, also known as Ursinus, was elected pope in a violently contested election in 366 as a rival to Pope Damasus I. He ruled in Rome for several months in 366 – 367, was afterwards declared an antipope, and died after 381....

     († after 384)
  • Zacharias Ursinus
    Zacharias Ursinus
    Zacharias Ursinus was a sixteenth century German Reformed theologian, born Zacharias Baer in Breslau . He became the leading theologian of the Reformed Protestant movement of the Palatinate, serving both at the University of Heidelberg and the College of Wisdom...

    , a German theologian († 1583)
  • Oskar Ursinus
    Oskar Ursinus
    Carl Oskar Ursinus was a pioneer of German aviation and is remembered mainly for his contributions to sailplane designs and the sport of gliding...

    , the German aviation pioneer († 1952)
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