University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour
The University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour (L'Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour or UPPA) was founded in 1972. It is a multi-site establishment, based in Pau (département of Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Pyrénées-Atlantiques is a department in the southwest of France which takes its name from the Pyrenees mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.- History :...

) but also in Bayonne
Bayonne is a city and commune in south-western France at the confluence of the Nive and Adour rivers, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, of which it is a sub-prefecture...

, Tarbes
Tarbes is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in south-western France.It is part of the historical region of Gascony. It is the second largest metropolitan area of Midi-Pyrénées, with 110,000 inhabitants....

 and Mont-de-Marsan
Mont-de-Marsan is a commune and capital of the Landes department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.Mont-de-Marsan airbase « Constantin Rozanoff » is a major installation of the French Air Force. The base includes CEAM , an air defense radar command reporting centre, and an air defence control...

 in the Adour
The Adour is a river in southwestern France. It rises in High-Bigorre , at the Col du Tourmalet, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Bayonne. It is long, of which the uppermost as the Adour du Tourmalet. At its final stretch, i.e...

 river basin. Coming administratively under the Academy of Bordeaux, it is the third largest university in southwestern France (after Bordeaux
University of Bordeaux
University of Bordeaux is an association of higher education institutions in and around Bordeaux, France. Its current incarnation was established 21 March 2007. The group is the largest system of higher education schools in southwestern France. It is part of the Academy of Bordeaux.There are seven...

 and Toulouse
University of Toulouse
The Université de Toulouse is a consortium of French universities, grandes écoles and other institutions of higher education and research, named after one of the earliest universities established in Europe in 1229, and including the successor universities to that earlier university...

), with some 12,000 students.

The University's logo is a stylised representation of the Pyrénées or the Pic du Midi d'Ossau
Pic du Midi d'Ossau
The Pic du Midi d'Ossau is a mountain rising above the Ossau Valley in the French Pyrenees. Despite possessing neither a glacier nor, in the context of the range, a particularly high summit, its distinctive shape makes it a symbol of the French side of the Pyrenees...

, the blue triangle being the Atlantic ocean. The colors used (yellow, green blue) are those of the university's graphic charter.


The university was founded in 1970, in a splendid formerly urban park. However, the origins of the law faculty (UFR de droit, économie et gestion) go further back; it was created in 1947 by Robert Poplawski
Robert Poplawski
Robert Poplawski was a lawyer and a professor at the law faculty in Bordeaux ....

 (dean from 1947 to 1953) and Dean Vizioz, and was lodged in Villa Lawrence in Pau town centre.


  • 2008-2012 : Jean-Louis Gout (current president)
  • 2004-2008 : Jean-Michel Uhaldeborde
  • 1998-2004 : Jean-Louis Gout
  • 1993-1998 : Claude Laugénie (1938–2008), created the IRSAM and directed the Centre d’Initiation à l’Enseignement Supérieur Aquitaine-Outremer
  • 1993 : Jean-Louis Gout
  • Franck Métras

Pau campus

With nearly 9,000 students, the Pau campus is the largest. The President's office is located there in the Présidence (Presidency) semicircular building. The campus is located to the north of Pau, about twenty minutes ride from the town centre, but within the urban limits.

The campus is comprised in the space between Avenue de l'Université-Cours Léon Bérard-Boulevard Tourasse to the South, Avenue du Doyen Poplawski to the West, rue Audrey Benghozi and Boulevard Lucien Favre to the North and Allées Condorcet to the East.


  • The Centre des ressources informatiques (information resources) service provides internet access, especially the uppawifi wireless network signal, available to students equipped with laptops in the UFR.
  • The domaines (estates) service maintains the buildings and grounds.
  • The "CRATICE" service provides multimedia assistance.
  • A central reprographics service is also provided.

UFR and departments

There are three UFR (unités de formation et de recherche, teaching and research departments) based in this campus: arts, law, sciences. There is also an Institut Universitaire Technologique
Institut universitaire de technologie
The Instituts universitaires de technologie or IUT are part of the university system in France. The IUT were created in 1966...

 (IUT), the ENSGTI and an Institut d'Administration des Entreprises
Institut d'Administration des Entreprises
The French "Instituts d'Administration des Entreprises" or "IAE" are graduate schools of management which are components of French universities with more financial and recruiting freedom....

 (IAE) located in Pau with an antenna in Bayonne.

There are two specialised university libraries, one for the sciences UFR, the other common to the law and arts faculties.

UFR de Lettres, (arts)

General description

The UFR (also faculté, faculty) de Droit, Économie et Gestion - IAE (also known as FDEG-IAE) gathers the law, economics and management services as well as the Institut d'Administration des Entreprises.

The UFR provides tuition to about 3,000 students dispatched in several degrees.

It is located in the north-western part of the UPPA campus, south-west of the École supérieure de commerce
École Supérieure de Commerce de Pau
The École Supérieure de Commerce de Pau is a French business school. ESC Pau's quality is recognised at European level through its EQUIS accreditation .-Campus:...

 (ESC), west of the "fac de Lettres", north-west of the IRSAM (Institut de recherche sur les sociétés et l'aménagement) building and east of the André Lavie stadium, across Dean Poplawski avenue. South of the UFR lays a big lawn much appreciated by students during summer times.

Access :
There is an east-west road entrance (entrée ouest and rue Saint-John Perse) to the campus dedicated to the UFR branching from the north-south oriented Dean Poplawski avenue. This is just north of the UFR. The entrance is restricted to cars by a height barrier. Delivery vehicles have to come from another entrance to the campus.

There is a personnel electronic-badge-operated gate-restricted parking lot just there, and a bit further south the big free access student parking lot (parking ouest).

There is a bicycle stand near north-east entrance.

There is a STAP (Pau's bus company) line 4 and Studibus-line bus stop (facultés) along Dean Poplawski avenue with direction town center and the SNCF train station.

The UFR is accessible to disabled peoples, though the double-doors and the badge restricted areas may still be problems for them to access the elevator.

the building :
The UFR is lodged in a three storeys elaborate building with the amphitheatre-like classrooms ("amphis") being grouped at the eastern corner of the complex. The inner infrastructure is made of unpainted crude supporting concrete walls with lighter separation plaster painted walls. The exterior roofing is made of small clay tiles.
Brick is also used for the sculptural elements like the well-like artificial space in the center of the inner patio, as well as pebbles for floor decoration. Large glass bays are also used as separation elements.

The north-south oriented part of the building is called aile B (B aisle), the northernmost south-west - north-east oriented part is the aile C (C aisle), the southernmost east-west oriented part being the aile A (A aisle).

Rooms :
The classrooms are disposed on the three floors of the building, mainly in B and C aisles. Classroom are numbered accordingly to their position in a specific aisle and on a specific floor (for example, B200 is the first room in the B aisle on the second floor, B205 is the fifth room on that same second floor).

3 classrooms, named Aspe, Barretous and Ossau, are equipped with computers on the first floor and are dedicated to teaching. Two more computer-equipped classrooms on the second floor (B200 and B202) are in free access for the UFR students. Strangers to the university and students from others UFRs wouldn't get access through authentication.

A room is dedicated to associations (salle des associations or salle des assos) and is equipped with 2 computer stations, one with a scanner, and a copier.

Documentation centers are maintained in the badge-restricted areas, one on the ground floor for law researches, another on the first floor for economics and management researches.

Local services:
There is a general purposes service (affaires générales) that takes care of all of material issues regarding the UFR with a service chief and a secretary. Its missions include the organisation of a reception desk service (accueil) situated in the main hall of the UFR and operated by one agent, a student secretary (called la scolarité and often shortened as la scol) with 8 or so secretaries, an accountancy service (comptabilité or just compta) with two secretaries, a repair and cleaning service with 8 or so agents, a computer-issues service with four agents maintaining an assistance point to teachers and students (permanence informatique) at the first floor.

Other services include the dean secretary office with one secretary, the IAE direction secretary office with two agents, and a école doctorale secretary (PhD School) with two agents.

landmarks :
  • Le phare (the lighthouse) is the pillar-shape archives room near the student secretary.
  • The sculpture-like structure in the patio received different names like le puit (the well)...
  • La Cave (the cellar) , the underground part of the building which serves as storage for disused old things.
  • The coffee-machines place and the eaves of the building are popular meeting points.
  • The entrance faculté de Droit, d'économie et gestion concrete sign which serves as a bench in the shade of the trees.

Directorial board :
The current dean is Jean-Jacques Lemouland and the current IAE director is Jean-Jacques Rigal.

There is a cafeteria called "L'Arlequin" close to the FDEG-IAE buildings and some vending machines have been put at different spots. Payments can be made via Aquipass student smart card moneo
Moneo, sometimes branded as mon€o, is an electronic purse system available on French bank cards to allow small purchases to be made without cash....

 money service.

Computer assisted working:
uppawifi wireless network signal is available to students equipped with laptops in the UFR.

Network printers are available through communication with a printing server. Students are allocated credit during inscription at the beginning of the university year accordingly to their formation level and are automatically charged 5 euro-cents per printed page. When empty and in order to feed his printing account a student can pay for further copies to the reception desk.

Others servers are accessible for more specific tasks during tuition, like access to shared network drive spaces or software (for more see FDEG-IAE local resources site)

Teachers can use video projectors for teaching either with fixed or mobile equipment.

other equipments :
The UFR is able to organise videoconferencing through CRATICE mediation.
Tuition :
Licence and Master degrees are available.
Dedicated website (in French) :

Research centers :
Research centers are located in electronic identification badge-restricted areas at ground level (law) and at the second floor (economics, management).

The university law faculty was part of L'Université Numérique Juridique Francophone French project

research centers in law : CECL, LIEN, CRAJ, CREPAO, IE2JA

research center in economics : Centre d'Analyse Théorique et de Traitement or CATT

tuition :
  • management (accountancy, ...)
  • AES (Licence d'administration économique et sociale) : social workers career diploma

research center in management : Centre de Recherche en Gestion or CREG .

Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE) is a business public school

Dedicated website (in French) :

Students life

The Centre Local des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaire (CLOUS) campus antenna is taking charge of all things regarding students life. It is situated to the North of the campus (for more see : Bordeaux CROUS internet site).

There are a number of dormitories (résidences universitaires) situated on the campus (résidence Gaston Phoebus) or near the campus or in town. The accommodations range from single rooms to small apartments.

The main restaurant is called Cap Sud. It is situated to the South-West of the campus. That is where the maison de l'étudiant is located.

There are students Unions present on the campus.

Staff life

Staff is taken care of by Direction des ressouces humaines (DRH) services situated on the second floor in the Présidence building.

There is a chain at Cap Sud dedicated to University personnel (L'oasis). Staff belonging to IATOSS or ITRF personnel categories can also go eating to the nearby Cité administratives restaurant inter-administratif (RIA).

There are a number of Unions present on the campus.

Sport at UPPA

Sport at UPPA is organised by SUAPS service.
There are a number of sporting facilities including André Lavie stadium close to Pau's Léo Lagrange COSEC, UPPA sport hall (Halle des sports) close to Plein Ciel swimming pool and tennis courses, a football (soccer) field, an outdoor climbing wall on BU Droit-Lettres...

University surrounding

Located around Pau's universitary campus are a number of facilities :
  • Pau Université E.Leclerc
    E.Leclerc is a French hypermarket chain, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine. The chain enables semi-independent stores to operate under the Leclerc brand.E.Leclerc was established on 1st January 1948....

     mall, with its L'île aux sandwichs, its Centre culturel library and computer store, lying opposite to the campus across Allées Condorcet road
  • a Champion
    Champion (supermarket)
    Champion is a supermarket chain that operates in France and is owned by the international retailer Carrefour. The second largest supermarket chain in France, its annual turnover is €12.2bn. There are over 1,000 stores and 60,000 employees. There are also Champion supermarkets in Belgium, Spain,...

     mall, facing Présidence southern entrance
  • a Quick
    Quick (restaurant chain)
    Quick is a Belgian chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. It is one of Europe's largest restaurants chains. In recent years, its worldwide expansion has accelerated.Quick is similar in theme to McDonald's...

    fast-food restaurant, a MégaCGR cinema,
  • a number of more specialised stores : photocopying, computer parts, bar-tabacs-Presse-type stores, French boulangeries,...
  • Pau's Université-La Poste post-office and a mail box along Dean Poplawski avenue
  • several banks

others venues :
  • the Lycée Saint-John Perse
  • the Helioparc site
  • a gendarmerie, a Cité administrative and a Maison de l'agriculture,
  • a church
  • ...

External link :

The site in Bayonne

The Campus of Bayonne - Anglet gathers 2.500 students in 2 UFR. The two sites are St Crouts and Montaury.
  • sciences
  • multidisciplinary

and an IUT.

The site in Tarbes

With 700 students, There are 2 UFR :
  • lettres (arts)
  • sciences

and a sport section (STAPS).

The site in Mont-de-Marsan

300 students in one UFR (law) and an IUT.

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