Umbrella organization
For the fictional company set in the Resident Evil videogame series, see Umbrella Corporation.

An umbrella organization is an association of (often related, industry-specific) institutions, who work together formally to coordinate activities or pool resources. In business, political, or other environments, one group, the umbrella organization, provides resources and often an identity to the smaller organizations. Sometimes in this kind of arrangement, the umbrella organization is to some degree responsible for the groups under its care. Compare to franchises
Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. The word 'franchise' is of anglo-French derivation - from franc- meaning free, and is used both as a noun and as a verb....

 and subsidiaries
A subsidiary company, subsidiary, or daughter company is a company that is completely or partly owned and wholly controlled by another company that owns more than half of the subsidiary's stock. The subsidiary can be a company, corporation, or limited liability company. In some cases it is a...


There may be many reasons for establishing/joining an umbrella organization;
  • The ability to carry out activities which could not be accomplished alone, due to
    • Economies of scale
      Economies of scale
      Economies of scale, in microeconomics, refers to the cost advantages that an enterprise obtains due to expansion. There are factors that cause a producer’s average cost per unit to fall as the scale of output is increased. "Economies of scale" is a long run concept and refers to reductions in unit...

    • A better pool of experts and experience;
    • Shared apprenticeship and exchange of know-how;
  • A sense of community and support that makes people and corporations derive utility from multilateral and shared activities;
  • An increased brand
    The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers."...

    /public awareness.
  • Legality of pursued action(s).

Example organizations

    ACTIVE - sobriety, friendship and peace is a non-governmental umbrella organisation gathering European youth temperance organisations. ACTIVE is member of the Youth Forum Jeunesse and cooperates with IOGT International.The main aim of Active is peace and tolerance in the world...

    The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, commonly AFL–CIO, is a national trade union center, the largest federation of unions in the United States, made up of 56 national and international unions, together representing more than 11 million workers...

     and other national trade union center
    National trade union center
    A national trade union center is a federation or confederation of trade unions in a single country. Nearly every country in the world has a national trade union center, and many have more than one. When there is more than one national center, it is often because of ideological differences—in some...

  • Canadian Hockey League
    Canadian Hockey League
    The Canadian Hockey League is an umbrella organization that represents the three Canadian-based major junior ice hockey leagues for players 16 to 20 years of age. The CHL was founded in 1975 as the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League, and is composed of its three member leagues, the Western Hockey...

  • CIA
  • DD172
    DD172 is a media collective founded by American entrepreneur Damon Dash. DD172 encompasses Creative Control, a video agency; America Nu, a magazine; and VNGRD79, a web design firm. It also includes an art gallery. DD172 is named for Dash's initials and its original street address...

  • Department of Public Safety
    Department of Public Safety
    The Department of Public Safety , also called an Office of Public Safety, is a state or local government umbrella agency in the United States which serves to assist the certain agencies in their services by providing administrative, financial, and technical services and support for core public...

  • European Music Council
    European Music Council
    The European Music Council is a regional group of the International Music Council representing Europe. It was established in 1972 as the 'European regional group of the IMC' and was renamed the European Music Council in 1992. The IMC was founded by UNESCO in 1949, and is, today, a...

  • Fox Network
  • Girls on the Run International
    Girls on the Run
    Girls on the Run is a North American non-profit program that works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through participation in running programs...

  • Independent Sector
    Independent Sector
    Independent Sector is a coalition of nonprofits, foundations and corporate giving programs. Founded in 1980, it is the first organization to combine the grant seekers and grantees....

  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
  • The former KGB
    The KGB was the commonly used acronym for the . It was the national security agency of the Soviet Union from 1954 until 1991, and was the premier internal security, intelligence, and secret police organization during that time.The State Security Agency of the Republic of Belarus currently uses the...

  • Mujahedeen Shura Council
  • National Retail Federation
    National Retail Federation
    The National Retail Federation is the world's largest retail trade association. Its members include department store, specialty, discount, catalog, Internet, and independent retailers, and chain restaurants and grocery stores. Members also include businesses that provide goods and services to...

  • National Wrestling Alliance
    National Wrestling Alliance
    The National Wrestling Alliance is a wrestling promotion company and sanctions various NWA championships in the United States. The NWA has been in operation since 1948...

  • OSGeo
  • Public Health Training Network
  • Software in the Public Interest
    Software in the Public Interest
    Software in the Public Interest, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed to help other organizations create and distribute free/open-source software and open-source hardware...

  • Transport for London
    Transport for London
    Transport for London is the local government body responsible for most aspects of the transport system in Greater London in England. Its role is to implement the transport strategy and to manage transport services across London...

  • Ulster Defence Association
    Ulster Defence Association
    The Ulster Defence Association is the largest although not the deadliest loyalist paramilitary and vigilante group in Northern Ireland. It was formed in September 1971 and undertook a campaign of almost twenty-four years during "The Troubles"...

  • Umbrella Corporation
  • United Jewish Communities
    United Jewish Communities
    The Jewish Federations of North America , is an American Jewish umbrella organization representing 157 Jewish Federations and the Network of Independent Communities, 400 smaller Jewish communities across North America. The JFNA was formed from the 1999 merger of the United Jewish Appeal, the...

  • VIATeC (Victoria Advanced Technology Council), Greater Victoria, British Columbia
    British Columbia
    British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada's provinces and is known for its natural beauty, as reflected in its Latin motto, Splendor sine occasu . Its name was chosen by Queen Victoria in 1858...

  • Yamaguchi-gumi
    is Japan's largest and most infamous yakuza organization. It is named after its founder Harukichi Yamaguchi. Its origins can be traced back to a loose labor union for dockworkers in Kobe pre-WWII....

See also

  • Supraorganization
    A supraorganization is an organization whose members are organizations rather than individuals....

  • Umbrella brand
    Umbrella brand
    An umbrella brand is an overarching brand used across multiple related products. Umbrella branding is also known as family branding. It contrasts with individual product branding, in which each product in a portfolio is given a unique brand name and identity....

  • Umbrella fund
    Umbrella fund
    An umbrella fund is an investment term used to describe a collective investment scheme which is a single legal entity but has several distinct sub-funds which in effect are traded as individual investment funds....

  • Umbrella school
    Umbrella school
    An umbrella school is an alternative education school which serves to oversee the homeschooling of children to fulfil government educational requirements....

  • Umbrella term
    Umbrella term
    An umbrella term is a word that provides a superset or grouping of concepts that all fall under a single common category. Umbrella term is also called a hypernym. For example, cryptology is an umbrella term that encompasses cryptography and cryptanalysis, among other fields...

  • Umbrella Worldwide Corporation
    Umbrella Worldwide Corporation
    Umbrella Worldwide, Corp. is an IT hosting company based in Bogotá, Colombia. The company also has offices in the United States and Panama, and data centers operating in Texas, Illinois, Virginia and Florida....

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