Umbo of tympanic membrane
The umbo is the most depressed part of the tympanic membrane.


The manubrium
The manubrium or manubrium sterni is the broad, upper part of the sternum. Located ventrally with a quadrangular shape, wider superiorly and narrower inferiorly, it articulates with the clavicles and the first two ribs.-Borders:The superior border is the thickest and presents at its center the...

 of the malleus
The malleus or hammer is a hammer-shaped small bone or ossicle of the middle ear which connects with the incus and is attached to the inner surface of the eardrum...

 is firmly attached to the medial surface of the membrane as far as its center, which it draws toward the tympanic cavity
Tympanic cavity
The tympanic cavity is a small cavity surrounding the bones of the middle ear.It is formed from the tubotympanic recess, an expansion of the first pharyngeal pouch....

; the lateral surface of the membrane is thus concave, and the most depressed part of this concavity is named the umbo.

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