U2 are an Irish
Republic of Ireland
Ireland , described as the Republic of Ireland , is a sovereign state in Europe occupying approximately five-sixths of the island of the same name. Its capital is Dublin. Ireland, which had a population of 4.58 million in 2011, is a constitutional republic governed as a parliamentary democracy,...

Rock music
Rock music is a genre of popular music that developed during and after the 1960s, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. It has its roots in 1940s and 1950s rock and roll, itself heavily influenced by rhythm and blues and country music...

 band from Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono
Paul David Hewson , most commonly known by his stage name Bono , is an Irish singer, musician, and humanitarian best known for being the main vocalist of the Dublin-based rock band U2. Bono was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School where he met his...

 (vocals and guitar), The Edge
The Edge
David Howell Evans , more widely known by his stage name The Edge , is a musician best known as the guitarist, backing vocalist, and keyboardist of the Irish rock band U2. A member of the group since its inception, he has recorded 12 studio albums with the band and has released one solo record...

 (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Adam Clayton
Adam Clayton
Adam Charles Clayton is a musician, best known as the bassist of the Irish rock band U2. Clayton has resided in County Dublin since the time his family moved to Malahide when he was five years old in 1965...

 (bass guitar), and Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums and percussion). U2's early sound was rooted in post-punk
Post-punk is a rock music movement with its roots in the late 1970s, following on the heels of the initial punk rock explosion of the mid-1970s. The genre retains its roots in the punk movement but is more introverted, complex and experimental...

 but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music
Popular music
Popular music belongs to any of a number of musical genres "having wide appeal" and is typically distributed to large audiences through the music industry. It stands in contrast to both art music and traditional music, which are typically disseminated academically or orally to smaller, local...

. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have maintained a sound built on melodic instrumentals, highlighted by The Edge's textural
Texture (music)
In music, texture is the way the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic materials are combined in a composition , thus determining the overall quality of sound of a piece...

 guitar playing and Bono's expressive vocals.

I watched the way it wasThe way it was when he was with usAnd I really don't mindSleeping on the floorBut I couldn't sleep after what I sawI wrote this letter to tell youThe way I feel.

Stranger in a Strange Land

I wish you were hereI wish you were hereTo see what I could seeTo hearAnd I wish you were here

Stranger in a Strange Land

All roads lead to where you are ...

Love Comes Tumbling

I wait for youSleight of hand and twist of fateOn a bed of nails she makes me waitAnd I wait, without youWith or without you, with or without you.

With or Without You|With or Without You

I want to run,I want to hide.I want to tear down the walls, that hold me inside.I want to take shelter, from the poison rain...Where the streets have no name.

Where the Streets Have No Name

It's alright, it's alright, it's alright She moves in mysterious ways.

Mysterious Ways (song)|Mysterious Ways

Johnny, take a dive with your sister in the rain Let her talk about the things you can't explain To touch is to heal, to hurt is to steal If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel. On your knees, boy.

Mysterious Ways

You gave me nothing Now it's all I’ve got

One (U2 song)|One

We're one but we're not the same We get to carry each other, carry each other


One love, one blood One life, you got to do what you should One life, with each other Sisters, brothers One life, but we're not the same We get to carry each other, carry each other