Twilight Dancers
Twilight Dancers is the last installment of director Mel Chionglo and writer Ricky Lee's trilogy about Macho Dancers. The first part was Sibak: Midnight Dancers
Sibak: Midnight Dancers
Sibak: Midnight Dancers is the first of a series of three gay-themed movies by Mel Chionglo and Ricky Lee about the lives of macho dancers in the gay bars of Manila. The later two are Burlesk King and Twilight Dancers...

 in 1994, and the second part was Burlesk King
Burlesk King
Burlesk King is the second film in the gay-themed trilogy of Mel Chionglo and Ricky Lee about the lives of macho dancers, men who work as strippers in Manila's gay bars. The first is Sibak: Midnight Dancers; the third is Twilight Dancers...

 in 1999. The trilogy took inspiration from Lino Brocka
Lino Brocka
Catalino Ortiz Brocka is known as one of the greatest film directors of the Philippines. Brocka was openly homosexual and many of his films incorporated LGBT themes into their often dramatic storylines....

's film Macho Dancer
Macho Dancer
Macho Dancer is a 1988 Philippine film, directed Lino Brocka, which explores the harsh realities of a young, poor, rural gay man, who after being dumped by his American boyfriend, is forced to make a living for himself in Manila's seamy red-light district...

 in 1988.


Twilight Dancers offers a disturbing yet a humorous look at the country's social realities through the eyes of three macho dancers or male strippers.

One of them is Dwight(Tyron Perez
Tyron Perez
Tyron Perez is a model, actor and TV host and former alumni of reality based talent search StarStruck. He become famous after joining StarStruck in 2003 and started the leading role as Dwight in the 2006 movie Twilight Dancers.-Early life:Jojo Perez was born in Brgy. Alfonso, Concepcion Tarlac...

), young and at the peak of his trade who loses the girl he loves to a politician's son. Then there's Alfred, who at 28, is past his prime and is kicked out of the club. Finally there's Bert,30, who has long since given up dancing and is now the bodyguard-driver of a corrupt businesswoman. But Bert's boss, Madame Loca (Cherry Pie Picache
Cherry Pie Picache
Cherry Pie Castro Picache is a Filipina actress and screenwriter who has starred T.V. and films and has worked as a model for modelling Palmolive, Camay, and Eskinol.Picache attended St. Mary's College in Mo...

), manipulates the events that push the three dancers to fight for survival, and to finally confront issues of love, friendship and betrayal.

Adding to these conflicts are a deaf-mute wife who refuses to go back to her macho dancer husband; a director who keeps promising stardom to a male dancer named Michael(Terence Baylon
Terence Baylon
Terence Dale Niño Baylon is a Filipino actor and model. He started making movies and commercials at the age of 7. When he was 4 years old, he joined Eat Bulaga search for Little Mr. Pogi. Although he did not win the contest, his exposure gave him the chance to be discovered by an agent in charge...

). A transvestite performer who fakes being a virgin as well; a tyrannical mayor who cross-dresses at his birthday party; and a union leader who gets shot by an assassin in broad daylight.

But as their club's manager Taurus always says. They are only here to serve the carnal desires of men. The show has to go on.
Twilight Dancers is the third movie from director Mel Chionglo about Philippine's macho dancer industry.
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