Tre kronor
Tre kronor, Swedish "Three crowns", may refer to:
  • Three Crowns
    Three Crowns
    Three Crowns is a national emblem of Sweden, present in the Coat of Arms of the Realm of Sweden, and composed by three yellow or gilded coronets ordered two above and one below, placed on a blue background....

    , a national emblem of Sweden
  • Sweden men's national ice hockey team, which has the Swedish national emblem on its jersey
  • Tre Kronor (castle)
    Tre kronor (castle)
    Tre Kronor or Three Crowns was a castle located in Stockholm, Sweden, on the site where Stockholm Palace is today. It is believed to have been a citadel that Birger Jarl built into a royal castle in the middle of the 13th century...

    , a 16th century royal castle in Stockholm, Sweden
  • HMS Tre Kronor
    HMS Tre Kronor
    HMS Tre Kronor was a cruiser of the Royal Swedish Navy built during the Second World War.At the start of the war most of the ships of the Royal Swedish Navy were quite old and the navy was in need of new ships. In 1940 the government decided that three cruisers were to be built. A political debate...

    , a Swedish Navy ship
  • Tre kronor (TV series)
    Tre kronor (TV series)
    Tre kronor was a Swedish soap opera that aired on TV4 during the period 1994-1999. The series took place in the fictive middle class suburb Mälarviken, located in the vicinity of Stockholm. The exteriors were filmed in Sätra, a suburb of Stockholm, and the interiors were filmed in a studio in...

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