Transcaucasian Commissariat
The Transcaucasian Commissariat (Sejm) ('Sejm'; Polish for 'assembly') was established at Tbilisi on November 11, 1917, as the first government of the independent Transcaucasia and following the Bolshevik seizure of power in St. Petersburg the Commissariat decided to strengthen the Georgian-Armenian-Azerbaijani union by convoking a Diet or general assembly ('Sejm') in January 1918.

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  • Special Transcaucasian Committee
    Special Transcaucasian Committee
    Special Transcaucasian Committee was established on March 9, 1917, with Member of the State Duma V. A...

     (Ozakom : Osobyi Zakavkazskii Komitet, Особый Закавказский Комитет)
  • Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic
    Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic
    The Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic , was a short-lived state composed of the modern-day countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia in the South Caucasus.-...

    (TDFR, Закавказская демократическая Федеративная Республика (ЗКДФР), Zakavkazskaya Demokraticheskaya Federativnaya Respublika (ZKDFR)
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