Tram et Bus de la CUB
Tram et bus de la CUB is a public transport
Public transport
Public transport is a shared passenger transportation service which is available for use by the general public, as distinct from modes such as taxicab, car pooling or hired buses which are not shared by strangers without private arrangement.Public transport modes include buses, trolleybuses, trams...

 system for the 27 communes
Communes of France
The commune is the lowest level of administrative division in the French Republic. French communes are roughly equivalent to incorporated municipalities or villages in the United States or Gemeinden in Germany...

 of the Urban Community of Bordeaux
Urban Community of Bordeaux
The Urban Community of Bordeaux , also known by its French initials CUB, is the intercommunal structure gathering the city of Bordeaux and some of its suburbs....

 (CUB). It also provides service to part of the commune of Cadaujac
Cadaujac is a commune in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.-Population:-References:*...


The TBC replaced the CGFTE
Compagnie générale française des transports et entreprises
The Compagnie générale française des transports et entreprises , commonly known by the initialism CGFTE, was a company which managed public transportation networks in several French cities, including Bordeaux , Nancy , Rouen and Chambéry .It was incorporated into Connex by...

 (Compagnie générale française des transports et entreprises) on 3 July 2004 after the completion of the three TBC tramway
Tramway de Bordeaux
The Bordeaux tramway network consists of three lines serving the city of Bordeaux in southwestern France. The first line was opened on 21 December 2003; further extensions have increased the route length to . The system is notable for using a ground-level power supply of the Alimentation par Sol...

lines and partial reorganization of the network.
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