Tony Roma's
Tony Roma's is a casual dining
Casual dining
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 chain restaurant specializing in baby back ribs
Ribs (food)
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 (although outlets in Muslim-majority
Muslim world
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 countries do not offer this item). The first location was established in 1972 in North Miami, Florida
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, by the founder, and today there are roughly 260 locations in 27 countries comprising 32 territories. Tony Roma's motto is "Famous for Ribs".


According to the company's website, Roma's decision to include Baby Back Ribs on the menu was a spontaneous one. The dish was quickly successful and became one of the chain's signature offerings. Today the company claims that Roma is considered the "pioneer of Baby Back Ribs." They are also known for their "block" style fried onion "loaf".

A lengthy list of culinary awards is available on the website.

A number of Tony Roma's accept take-out orders as well as dine-in.

Retail products

A number of entrees from the Tony Roma's menu are available as prepackaged frozen meals, sold in supermarkets. The entrees are manufactured and distributed by Rupari Food Services. Tony Roma's original barbecue sauce
Barbecue sauce
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is also available in supermarkets.

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