Tolomeo Gallio
Tolomeo Gallio was an Italian Cardinal
Cardinal (Catholicism)
A cardinal is a senior ecclesiastical official, usually an ordained bishop, and ecclesiastical prince of the Catholic Church. They are collectively known as the College of Cardinals, which as a body elects a new pope. The duties of the cardinals include attending the meetings of the College and...


In the time of Pope Gregory XIII
Pope Gregory XIII
Pope Gregory XIII , born Ugo Boncompagni, was Pope from 1572 to 1585. He is best known for commissioning and being the namesake for the Gregorian calendar, which remains the internationally-accepted civil calendar to this date.-Youth:He was born the son of Cristoforo Boncompagni and wife Angela...

, he acted as papal secretary of state (in office 1572 to 1585), having a key role in the curia.

He built the Villa d'Este
Villa d'Este (Cernobbio)
The Villa d'Este, originally Villa del Garovo, is a Renaissance patrician residence in the Italian town of Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como. Both the villa and the park which surrounds it have undergone significant changes since their sixteenth-century origins as a summer residence for the...

, in his birthplace Cernobbio
Cernobbio is a comune in the Province of Como in the Italian region of Lombardy, located about north of Milan and about northwest of Como, on the border with Switzerland...

, in 1568, as a summer residence; and the Palazzo Gallio of Gravedona
Gravedona ed Uniti is a comune in the Province of Como in the Italian region Lombardy, located about north of Milan and about northeast of Como....


He was bishop of Martorano in 1560, archbishop of Manfredonia in 1562, bishop of Albano in 1587, bishop of Sabina in 1589, bishop of Frascati in 1591, bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina in 1600, bishop of Ostia
Bishop of Ostia
The Bishop of Ostia is the head of the Suburbicarian Diocese of Ostia, one of the seven suburbicarian sees of Rome. The position is now attached to the post of Dean of the College of Cardinals, as it has been since 1150, with the actual governance of the diocese entrusted to the Vicar General of...

 in 1603.

Tolomeo in 1595 acquired the County of Alvito (later Duchy) in southern Lazio, which he assigned to his nephew Tolomeo; the Gallio family held the fief until 1806.

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