Thuringian Gate
The Thuringian Gate near Sachsenburg, a district of Oldisleben
Oldisleben is a municipality in the district Kyffhäuserkreis, in Thuringia, Germany....

, west of Heldrungen
Heldrungen is a town in the Kyffhäuserkreis district, Thuringia, Germany.Nearby rivers are the Unstrut and the Wipper.It is known for its fortification with two water ditches, four vauban bastions and five rondells. In the center of the fortification is a renaissance castle, which was built within...

 in central Germany, is where the gorge of the river Unstrut
The Unstrut is a river in Germany and a left tributary of the Saale. It originates in northern Thuringia near Dingelstädt and its catchment area is the whole of the Thuringian Basin...

 breaks out of the Thuringian Basin
Thuringian Basin
The Thuringian Basin is a depression in the central and northwest part of Thuringia in Germany which is crossed by several rivers, the longest of which is the Unstrut. It stretches about from north to south and around from east to west...

 through the Hainleite
The Hainleite is a Muschelkalk ridge of hills up to in northern Thuringia, Germany.- Geography :This heavily-wooded landscape lies between Bleicherode in Nordhausen district, Sondershausen in Kyffhäuser district, Bad Frankenhausen, Dingelstädt, Oldisleben, Kindelbrück and Schernberg...

 and Schmücke
- Geography :Together with the Hohe Schrecke, the Finne and the Hainleite, the Schmücke borders the northern rim of the Thuringian Basin. It lies between Hauteroda, Oberheldrungen, Heldrungen, Heldrungen station, Gorsleben and Hemleben...

 hills to the north. It is also known as the Sachsenburg Gate.

This topographical feature carved out by the Unstrut has always been used as a communication route. Today the B 85
Bundesstraße 85
The Bundesstraße 85 runs southeast through Thuringia and Bavaria, from Kyffhäuser to Passau, near the Austrian border. B85 is approximately long.Cities and towns along B85:...

 and B 86 federal roads and the Sangerhausen–Erfurt railway pass through the gorge. The Thuringian Gate was guarded in medieval times by the fortresses of Upper and Lower Sachsenburg.
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