Third Sergeant
Third Sergeant is a Specialist
Specialist (Singapore)
In the Singapore Armed Forces , Specialists are the group of ranks equivalent to non-commissioned officers in other armed forces. This term was introduced in 1993, for a more "positive" rank classification. In the SAF, Warrant Officers are not considered Specialists.Like many other modern...

 rank in the Singapore Armed Forces
Singapore Armed Forces
The Singapore Armed Forces is the military arm of the Total Defence of the Republic of Singapore; as well as the military component of the Ministry of Defence. The SAF comprises three branches: the Singapore Army, the Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Republic of Singapore Navy...

. Third Sergeants are the most junior of Specialists, ranking above Corporal First Class
Corporal First Class
Corporal First Class is the highest enlistee rank in the Singapore Armed Forces, ranking just above Corporal and below Third Sergeant. It is awarded to deserving Corporals in the top 30% of their cohort who have held the rank for at least six months...

, who, in the SAF, are not considered Specialists and do not have command authority. The rank insignia for a Third Sergeant features the three chevrons pointing down shared by all Specialists, with no chevrons pointing up.

In combat units, Third Sergeants are usually section
Section (military unit)
A section is a small military unit in some armies. In many armies, it is a squad of seven to twelve soldiers. However in France and armies based on the French model, it is the sub-division of a company .-Australian Army:...

 commanders working directly under supervision of a commissioned officer holding the appointment of Platoon Commander, and a more senior specialist holding the appointment of Platoon Sergeant. With experience and good performance, they may be appointed Platoon Sergeant
Platoon Sergeant
In many militaries, a platoon sergeant is the senior enlisted member of a platoon, who advises and supports the platoon's commanding officer in leading the unit.-Singapore:...


Third sergeants in the Singapore Armed Forces also hold other positions, usually commanding a group of men. For example, Transport Supervisors are more commonly known as the MT (Mechanised Transport) Section Commanders. There are 3SGs holding the position of the Company Quartermaster Sergeant. In other armies, this rank may only be held by Staff Sergeants and above, while in Singapore, soldiers holding this appointment are of the rank of Third Sergeant.

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