The Sun (newspaper)
The Sun is a daily national tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom and owned by News Corporation
News Corporation
News Corporation or News Corp. is an American multinational media conglomerate. It is the world's second-largest media conglomerate as of 2011 in terms of revenue, and the world's third largest in entertainment as of 2009, although the BBC remains the world's largest broadcaster...

. Sister editions are published in Glasgow (The Scottish Sun) and Dublin (The Irish Sun). It has the tenth-largest circulation
Newspaper circulation
A newspaper's circulation is the number of copies it distributes on an average day. Circulation is one of the principal factors used to set advertising rates. Circulation is not always the same as copies sold, often called paid circulation, since some newspapers are distributed without cost to the...

 of any newspaper in the world and the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the United Kingdom.

The Sun had an average daily circulation of 2,715,473 copies in October 2011.

GOTCHA! - After the sinking of the Argentinian Ship ARA General Belgrano|Belgrano, 4 May 1982

STICK IT UP YOUR JUNTA - On going to war with Junta|Argentina

FREDDIE STARR ATE MY HAMSTER - Allegations about comedian Freddie Starr|Freddie Starr, 13 March 1986

IT'S WALL OVER - The fall of the Berlin Wall|Berlin Wall, 10 November 1989

THE TRUTH - After the Hillsborough disaster|Hillsborough Disaster,about the activities of Liverpool F.C.|Liverpool supporters

MRS T-EARS - On Margaret Thatcher|Margaret Thatcher's resignation

IF KINNOCK WINS TODAY WILL THE LAST PERSON IN BRITAIN PLEASE TURN OUT THE LIGHTS - About Neil Kinnock|Neil Kinnock and the United Kingdom general election, 1992|1992 general election

IT WAS THE SUN WOT WON IT - Self-congratulation after John Major|John Major's victory in 1992

UP YOURS DELORS - On President of the European Commission Jacques Delors

DINIZ IN THE OVEN - After Pedro Diniz|Pedro Diniz's car caught fire during the Grand Prix of Argentina in 1996