The Stork Club (1945 film)

Plot summary

Judy Peabody saves an old man from drowning. He turns out to be Jerry Bates, "J.B." to his lawyer Curtis, "Pop" to Judy, who mistakenly believes the wealthy old-timer to be poor.

Pop instructs his lawyer to reward Judy with everything her heart desires, anonymously. A hat check girl at New York's popular Stork Club nightclub, Judy's dream is for her bandleader boyfriend Danny to return home from the Marines so she can sing with his band.

A letter from Curtis informs the young lady that she now has a brand new apartment, free of charge, and a line of credit at a fashionable department store, no strings attached. She promptly buys dresses and furs, without knowing the identity of her benefactor.

Pop comes to the Stork Club to keep an eye on her. She lands him a job as a busboy, but that doesn't work out, so she invites Pop to share her apartment. Danny comes home, excited to see her until he sees the apartment, the clothes and the old man. Believing her to be a "kept" woman, he falls out of love with Judy.

Billingsley is invited by Judy to hear the band. Impressed, he gives them a job at the club. Judy finally discovers that Pop is responsible for her new riches and is able to win back Danny's love.


  • Betty Hutton
    Betty Hutton
    Betty Hutton was an American stage, film, and television actress, comedienne and singer.-Early life:Hutton was born Elizabeth June Thornburg, daughter of a railroad foreman, Percy E. Thornburg and his wife, the former Mabel Lum . While she was very young, her father abandoned the family for...

     as Judy Peabody
  • Barry Fitzgerald
    Barry Fitzgerald
    Barry Fitzgerald was an Irish stage, film and television actor.-Life:He was born William Joseph Shields in Walworth Road, Portobello, Dublin, Ireland. He is the older brother of Irish actor Arthur Shields. He went to Skerry's College, Dublin, before going on to work in the civil service, while...

     as Jerry B. 'J.B.' / 'Pop' Bates
  • Don DeFore
    Don DeFore
    Donald John DeFore was an American actor who played "the regular guy" and "the good, ol' boy next door" in many films in the 1940s and 1950s.-Life and career:...

     as Sgt. Danny Wilton
  • Andy Russell
    Andy Russell (singer)
    Andy Russell was an American popular vocalist, specializing in traditional pop and Latin music.He was born Andrés Rabago Pérez in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles. He was one of ten children born to parents who were Mexican immigrants of Spanish descent...

     as Jimmy 'Jim' Jones
  • Robert Benchley
    Robert Benchley
    Robert Charles Benchley was an American humorist best known for his work as a newspaper columnist and film actor...

     as Tom P. Curtis
  • Bill Goodwin
    Bill Goodwin
    Bill Goodwin was for many years the announcer and regular character of the Burns and Allen radio program, and subsequently The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show on television from 1950-51...

     as Sherman Billingsley
  • Iris Adrian
    Iris Adrian
    Iris Adrian was an American film actress.-Life and career:Born in Los Angeles, California as Iris Hostetter, Adrian won a beauty pageant and worked with the Ziegfeld Follies, before she entered films at the end of the silent era in Chasing Husbands and appeared as an extra or chorus girl in early...

     as Gwen
  • Mary Young
    Mary Young
    Mary Young was a Pitcairn Island-born granddaughter of Mutiny on the Bounty survivor Edward "Ned" Young and his Tahitian wife Toofaiti...

     as Mrs. Edith Bates
  • Charles Coleman as MacFiske
  • Perc Launders as Tom, Saxophone Player
  • Mikhail Rasumny
    Mikhail Rasumny
    Mikhail Rasumny was a Soviet/American film actor.-External links:...

     as Mr. Coretti
  • Catherine Craig as Louella Parsons
  • Audrey Young as Jenny


  • Andy Russell - "Love Me" (Music by Jule Styne
    Jule Styne
    Jule Styne was a British-born American songwriter especially famous for a series of Broadway musicals, which included several very well known and frequently revived shows.-Early life:...

    , Lyrics by Sammy Cahn
    Sammy Cahn
    Sammy Cahn was an American lyricist, songwriter and musician. He is best known for his romantic lyrics to films and Broadway songs, as well as stand-alone songs premiered by recording companies in the Greater Los Angeles Area...

  • Betty Hutton - "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief" (Music by Hoagy Carmichael
    Hoagy Carmichael
    Howard Hoagland "Hoagy" Carmichael was an American composer, pianist, singer, actor, and bandleader. He is best known for writing "Stardust", "Georgia On My Mind", "The Nearness of You", and "Heart and Soul", four of the most-recorded American songs of all time.Alec Wilder, in his study of the...

    , Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster
    Paul Francis Webster
    Paul Francis Webster was an American lyricist who won three Academy Awards for Best Song and was nominated sixteen times for the award.-Biography:...

  • Betty Hutton and Andy Russell - "If I Had A Dozen Hearts" (Music by Harry Revel
    Harry Revel
    Harry Revel was an English composer of musical theatre.Revel was born in London. Before emigrating to the United States in 1929, he wrote musicals for productions in Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna and London....

    , Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster
    Paul Francis Webster
    Paul Francis Webster was an American lyricist who won three Academy Awards for Best Song and was nominated sixteen times for the award.-Biography:...

  • Betty Hutton - "I'm a Square in the Social Circle" (Music and lyrics by Jay Livingston
    Jay Livingston
    Jay Livingston was an American composer and singer best known as half of a songwriting duo with Ray Evans that specialized in songs composed for films. Livingston wrote the music and Evans the lyrics....

     and Ray Evans
    Ray Evans
    Raymond Bernard Evans was an American songwriter. He was a partner in a composing and songwriting duo with Jay Livingston, known for the songs they composed for films...

  • Betty Hutton - "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" (Music by Egbert Van Alstyne
    Egbert Van Alstyne
    Egbert Anson Van Alstyne was a United States songwriter and pianist. Van Alstyne was the composer of a number of popular and ragtime tunes from the early 20th century.He was born in Marengo, Illinois...

    , Lyrics by Harry Williams
    Harry Williams
    Harry Hiram Williams was an American composer, lyricist, and publisher of popular music from 1903 until his death in 1922....

  • The band - "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree"
  • Barry Fitzgerald and Mary Young - "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree"
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