The Green Movement (Israel)
The Green Movement is a social
The term social refers to a characteristic of living organisms...

Environmental policy
Environmental policy is any [course of] action deliberately taken [or not taken] to manage human activities with a view to prevent, reduce, or mitigate harmful effects on nature and natural resources, and ensuring that man-made changes to the environment do not have harmful effects on...

 political party in Israel
The State of Israel is a parliamentary republic located in the Middle East, along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea...

. Formed in 2008, it contested the 2009 elections
Israeli legislative election, 2009
Elections for the 18th Knesset were held in Israel on 10 February 2009. These elections became necessary due to the resignation of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as leader of the Kadima party, and the failure of his successor, Tzipi Livni, to form a coalition government...

 in an alliance with Meimad
Meimad is a left-wing religious Zionist political party in Israel. Founded in 1999, it is based on the ideology of the Meimad movement founded in 1988 by Rabbi Yehuda Amital. At the national level, it was in alliance with the Labour Party, and until the 2006 elections, received 10th spot on the...



The party was established in late 2008 by Eran Ben-Yemini and Alon Tal. It ran a joint list with Meimad for the 2009 elections after Meimad ended its alliacne with the Labor Party. Meimad leader Michael Melchior
Michael Melchior
A renowned Jewish leader, thinker and activist, Rabbi Michael Melchior is a leading advocate for social justice in Israel, quality education for all, Jewish-Arab reconciliation and co-existence, protection of the environment, Israel-Diaspora relations and the strengthening of Civic Society as a...

 headed its list and Ben-Yemini and Tal in second and third place, whilst former Shinui
Shinui is a Zionist, secular and anti-clerical free market liberal party and political movement in Israel. The party twice became the third largest in the Knesset, but both occasions were followed by a split and collapse; in 1977 the party won 15 seats as part of the Democratic Movement for...

 MK Meli Polishook-Bloch
Meli Polishook-Bloch
Meli Polishook-Bloch is a former Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Shinui and the Secular Faction between 2003 and 2006.-Biography:...

 was also on its list in eleventh place. However, it failed to win a seat in the Knesset after failing to pass the election threshold
Election threshold
In party-list proportional representation systems, an election threshold is a clause that stipulates that a party must receive a minimum percentage of votes, either nationally or within a particular district, to obtain any seats in the parliament...

, receiving the largest number of votes of any party not to do so.
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