The Family Friend
The Family Friend is a 2006 Italian film directed by Paolo Sorrentino
Paolo Sorrentino
Paolo Sorrentino is an Italian film director and screenwriter. He was born in Naples.Sorrentino's first film as screenwriter, Polvere di Napoli, was released in 1998. He began directing several short movies, like L'amore non ha confini, in 1998, and La notte lunga, in 2001...

. It was entered into the 2006 Cannes Film Festival
2006 Cannes Film Festival
The 2006 Cannes Film Festival ran from May 17, 2006 to May 28, 2006. Twenty films from eleven countries were in competition for the Palme d'Or. The President of the Official Jury was Wong Kar-wai, the first Chinese director to preside over the jury....



Geremia, an aging tailor/money lender, is a repulsive, mean, stingy man who lives in his shabby house with his scornful, bedridden mother. He has a morbid, obsessive relationship with money and he uses it to insinuate himself into other people's affairs, pretending to be the "family friend". One day he is asked by a man to lend him money for the wedding of Rosalba, his daughter.


  • Giacomo Rizzo
    Giacomo Rizzo
    Giacomo Rizzo is an Italian film actor. He has appeared in over 40 films since 1970. He starred in The Family Friend, which was entered into the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.-External links:...

     - Geremia De Geremei
  • Laura Chiatti
    Laura Chiatti
    Laura Chiatti is an Italian actress and singer. She is the leading lady in two successful movies: Ho voglia di te, alongside Riccardo Scamarcio, and Paolo Sorrentino's third movie The Family Friend. The latter was entered into the 2006 Cannes Film Festival...

     - Rosalba De Luca
  • Luigi Angelillo - Saverio (as Gigi Angelillo)
  • Marco Giallini - Attanasio
  • Barbara Valmorin - Nonna al bingo
  • Luisa De Santis - Silvia
  • Clara Bindi - Madre di Geremia
  • Roberta Fiorentini - Moglie di Saverio
  • Elia Schilton - Teasuro
  • Lorenzo Gioielli - Montanaro
  • Emilio De Marchi
    Emilio de Marchi
    Emilio De Marchi was an Italian operatic tenor. He had a significant career during the late 19th century and early 20th century, appearing at major theatres on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1900, he entered the annals of musical history as the creator of the role of Cavaradossi in Giacomo...

     - Chef
  • Giorgio Colangeli - Massa
  • Fabio Grossi
    Fabio Grossi
    -Early life :He trained at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome, where he graduated with full marks.He also studied with Marika Besobrasova in Monte-Carlo, Rosella Hightower in Cannes, Wilhelm Burmann in Geneva and Milan, Philip Beamish in London and Milan, Raymond Franchetti in Marseilles -...

     - Cognato di Saverio
  • Lucia Ragni - Cassiera
  • Fabrizio Bentivoglio
    Fabrizio Bentivoglio
    Fabrizio Bentivoglio is an Italian cinema and theatre actor and a screenwriter.Fabrizio Bentivoglio was born in Milan . After only one season in the juvenile team of Inter,...

    - Gino

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