The Dominion Post (Wellington)
The Dominion Post is a metropolitan broadsheet
Broadsheet is the largest of the various newspaper formats and is characterized by long vertical pages . The term derives from types of popular prints usually just of a single sheet, sold on the streets and containing various types of material, from ballads to political satire. The first broadsheet...

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 published in Wellington, New Zealand, owned by the Australia
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n Fairfax group, owners of The Age
The Age
The Age is a daily broadsheet newspaper, which has been published in Melbourne, Australia since 1854. Owned and published by Fairfax Media, The Age primarily serves Victoria, but is also available for purchase in Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory and border regions of South Australia and...

, Melbourne, and The Sydney Morning Herald
The Sydney Morning Herald
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The paper was created by the previous owners, Independent Newspapers Limited
Independent Newspapers
This article refers to the New Zealand company. For the Irish company formerly of the same name, see Independent News & Media.Independent Newspapers Limited was a media concern in New Zealand.-History:...

 (INL, 49% owned by Rupert Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch
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's News Limited
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), from an amalgamation of two Wellington broadsheet newspapers, The Dominion
The Dominion (Wellington)
The Dominion was a daily morning newspaper based in Wellington, New Zealand.In 2002 it merged with The Evening Post, the other Wellington daily, to form the Dominion Post....

(morning, commenced Dominion Day
Dominion Day
Dominion Day is a commemoration day of the granting of national status in various Commonwealth countries.-Canada:Dominion Day was the name of the holiday commemorating the formation of Canada as a Dominion on 1 July 1867...

, 26 September 1907) and The Evening Post
The Evening Post (New Zealand)
The Evening Post was a daily newspaper based in Wellington, New Zealand. It was founded in 1865 by Henry Blundell , an Irish immigrant to New Zealand. It continued under Blundell family control until the 1960s, when it was purchased by Independent Newspapers Ltd.In 2002 it merged with The...

(commenced 1865), in July 2002. INL sold the paper and all other New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean comprising two main landmasses and numerous smaller islands. The country is situated some east of Australia across the Tasman Sea, and roughly south of the Pacific island nations of New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga...

newspapers and most magazines in its stable to Fairfax in 2003.

With the amalgamation, The Dominion Post became the only pay-and-read newspaper in Wellington.
Wellington has many free community newspapers (for example The Wellingtonian), albeit these may be owned by Dominion Post or affiliated/owning companies.

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