The Cut (film)
The Cut is a 2007 South Korean film.


Seon-hwa is a new student at an elite medical school, and she is initiated into a dissection class headed by Dr. Han along with five other students, including her boyfriend Ki-beom. After the first class the students all start to share the same nightmare involving a one-eyed surgeon, and one by one they start to be murdered, the victims being discovered with their hearts removed. Seon-hwa and Ki-beom are convinced that these events are related to a beautiful cadaver
A cadaver is a dead human body.Cadaver may also refer to:* Cadaver tomb, tomb featuring an effigy in the form of a decomposing body* Cadaver , a video game* cadaver A command-line WebDAV client for Unix....

 with a rose tattoo on her breast, and they begin an investigation to uncover her identity.


  • Han Ji-min
    Han Ji-min
    Han Ji-min is a South Korean actress.- Career :Han Ji-min started her career in show business while still a high school student. She did various commercial films and music videos before gaining wider attention in 2003, when she appeared in hit Korean television dramas All In and Dae Jang Geum...

     as Seon-hwa
  • On Ju-wan
  • Oh Tae-kyung as Ki-beom
  • Jo Min-ki as Dr. Han
  • Jin Yu-young
  • Mun Won-ju
  • Soy
  • Chae Yun-seo
  • Park Chan-hwan (cameo)
  • Jeong Chan
    Jeong Chan
    Jeong Chan is a South Korean actor.- Film :* The Young Man * Over the Rainbow * Road Movie * Spring Breeze * Invisible Light * Possible Changes...



The Cut was released in South Korea
South Korea
The Republic of Korea , , is a sovereign state in East Asia, located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. It is neighbored by the People's Republic of China to the west, Japan to the east, North Korea to the north, and the East China Sea and Republic of China to the south...

 on 11 July 2007, and on its opening weekend was ranked third at the box office with 264,765 admissions. The film went on to receive a total of 622,400 admissions nationwide, with a gross (as of 5 August 2007) of $
United States dollar
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