The Biscuit Eater
The Biscuit Eater is a 1972
1972 in film
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 Disney film released by Buena Vista Distribution
Buena Vista Distribution
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 based on a novel by James H. Street
James H. Street
James Howell Street was a U.S. journalist, minister, and writer of Southern historical novels.Street was born in Lumberton, Mississippi, in 1903. As a teenager, he began working as a journalist for newspapers in Laurel and Hattiesburg, Mississippi...

. It is the last 'One Boy and his Animal' themed movie made by Disney, as this subgenre would eventually grow out of fashion. The 1972 film is a remake of a 1940 film starring Billy Lee
Billy Lee
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 as Lonnie.


The story revolves around a German Wirehaired Pointer
German Wirehaired Pointer
The German wirehaired pointer is a griffon type breed of dog developed in the 19th century in Germany for hunting. It became a leading gun dog in Germany in the later part of the 20th century...

 named Moreover who has a strong relationship with a red-headed boy named Lonnie (Johnny Whitaker
Johnny Whitaker
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) despite his mishaps. Moreover is dealt to Willie Dorsey (Godfrey Cambridge
Godfrey Cambridge
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), a gas station clerk, but Lonnie and his best friend Text regain possession of the dog. They train Moreover to be a prize-winning bird pointer, entering him in a field trial.

The dog was considered untrainable by its first owner, Lonnie's veterinarian father, but the two twelve-year old boys take the time to make Moreover an excellent working example of his breed. Much to the chagrin of Lonnie's father, Lonnie and Text decide to enter Moreover in the state championship field trial. Moreover does well, and an incident makes the boys think that Lonnie's father will lose his dog training job if his dog, last year's champion SilverBelle, loses to their dark horse entry.

Home media

It is a very little known film, with availability restricted to the American Region 1 and German Region 2 DVD
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