Tension may refer to:
  • The Void (video game), also known as Tension in some regions
  • Tension (knitting), a factor that affects knitting gauge
  • Suspense
    Suspense is a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety about the outcome of certain actions, most often referring to an audience's perceptions in a dramatic work. Suspense is not exclusive to fiction, though. Suspense may operate in any situation where there is a lead-up to a big event or dramatic...

     or tension, the feeling of uncertainty and interest about the outcome of certain actions an audience perceives
  • Tension (film)
    Tension (film)
    Tension is a crime thriller film noir directed by John Berry, and written by Allen Rivkin, based on a story written by John D. Klorer. The drama features Richard Basehart, Audrey Totter, Cyd Charisse, and others.-Plot:...

    , a 1949 film by John Berry


  • Tension (physics), a force related to the stretching of an object (the opposite of compression)
  • Voltage
    Voltage, otherwise known as electrical potential difference or electric tension is the difference in electric potential between two points — or the difference in electric potential energy per unit charge between two points...

     or electrical tension
  • Muscle tone
    Muscle tone
    In physiology, medicine, and anatomy, muscle tone is the continuous and passive partial contraction of the muscles, or the muscle’s resistance to passive stretch during resting state. It helps maintain posture, and it declines during REM sleep.-Purpose:Unconscious nerve impulses maintain the...

     or residual muscle tension, a partial contraction of the muscles
  • Stress (biology)
    Stress (biology)
    Stress is a term in psychology and biology, borrowed from physics and engineering and first used in the biological context in the 1930s, which has in more recent decades become commonly used in popular parlance...

     or tension
  • Tension (geology)
    Tension (geology)
    In geology, the term "tension" refers to a stress which stretches rocks in two opposite directions. The rocks become longer in a lateral direction and thinner in a vertical direction. One important result of tensile stress is jointing in rocks...

    , a stress which stretches rocks in two opposite directions


  • Tension (music)
    Tension (music)
    In music, tension is the perceived need for relaxation or release created by a listener's expectations. For example, dissonance may give way to consonance...

    , the perceived need for relaxation or release created by a listener's expectations
  • Tension (album)
    Tension (album)
    Tension is the second studio album by Christian rock band Dizmas. It was released on Credential Recordings in 2007.-Track listing:#"Jealousy Hurts" – 2:36#"Shake It Off" – 2:35#"Play It Safe" – 3:24#"If You Love Someone" – 4:00#"See Daylight" – 2:42...

    , a 2007 album by Dizmas
  • Tension (band)
    Tension (band)
    Tension is a Taiwanese R&B/Pop music/A cappella group that consists of five members. The band was first signed by Shock Records, then signed by record label EMI Taiwan.- Jimmy Hung :Chinese Name: Hong Tian Xiang - 洪天祥Birthdate:...

    , a Taiwanese a capella group and boy band
  • "Tension", a song by Avenged Sevenfold from Diamonds in the Rough
    Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough
    Diamonds in the Rough -Personnel:Avenged Sevenfold* M. Shadows – lead vocals* Synyster Gates – lead guitar, backing vocals* Zacky Vengeance – rhythm guitar, backing vocals...

  • "Tension", a song by Orbital from The Altogether
    The Altogether
    The Altogether is Orbital's sixth studio album and was released in 2001. It features guest vocals by the Hartnolls' brother-in-law, David Gray, a sampled Ian Dury, and a version of the Doctor Who theme...

See also

  • Tenseness
    In phonology, tenseness is a particular vowel quality that is phonemically contrastive in many languages, including English. It has also occasionally been used to describe contrasts in consonants. Unlike most distinctive features, the feature [tense] can be interpreted only relatively, that is, in...

    , in phonetics, a phonological quality frequently associated with vowels and occasionally with consonants
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