Tense may refer to:
  • Grammatical tense
    Grammatical tense
    A tense is a grammatical category that locates a situation in time, to indicate when the situation takes place.Bernard Comrie, Aspect, 1976:6:...

    , a temporal linguistic quality expressing the time at, during, or over which a state or action denoted by a verb occurs
  • Tenseness
    In phonology, tenseness is a particular vowel quality that is phonemically contrastive in many languages, including English. It has also occasionally been used to describe contrasts in consonants. Unlike most distinctive features, the feature [tense] can be interpreted only relatively, that is, in...

    , a phonological quality frequently associated with vowels and occasionally with consonants
  • Tense, a state of muscle contraction
    Muscle contraction
    Muscle fiber generates tension through the action of actin and myosin cross-bridge cycling. While under tension, the muscle may lengthen, shorten, or remain the same...

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