Tectonic Plates
Tectonic Plates is a 1992 independent Canadian film directed by Peter Mettler
Peter Mettler
Peter Mettler is a Canadian film director and cinematographer.-Biography:Peter Mettler was born in 1958 to Swiss parents and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada...

. Mettler also wrote the screenplay based on the play by Robert Lepage
Robert Lepage
Robert Lepage, is a playwright, actor, film director, and stage director from Québec City, Québec, and is one of Canada's most honoured theatre artists.- Life and work :...

. The film stars Marie Gignac
Marie Gignac
Marie Gignac is a two-time Genie Award–nominated actress. Gignac has been nominated twice in the category of Best Supporting Actress each for Le Confessional and La Vie secrète des gens heureux....

, Céline Bonnier
Céline Bonnier
Céline Bonnier is a French Canadian actress from Quebec. She has been nominated for four awards including Genie Awards and Gemini Awards.-Biography:Céline Bonnier was the youngest of eight children, six boys and two girls...

 and Robert Lepage.

Plot summary

Madeleine (played by Marie Gignac) is studying art in Montreal, Canada. When her beloved professor (played by Robert Lepage) disappears, Madeleine decides to kill herself in the romantic setting of Venice. However, drug addict Constance (played by Céline Bonnier) dissuades her. Meanwhile, the professor has moved to New York, where he becomes a successful transvestite talk show host under the name of Jennifer.


The film won the Catholic Film Critics Award at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival. It was also nominated for a Genie Award
Genie Award
Genie Awards are given out to recognize the best of Canadian cinema by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. From 1949-1979, the awards were named the Canadian Film Awards...

for Best Achievement in Art Direction.
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