Tadeusz Wojciechowski (historian)
Tadeusz Wojciechowski was a Polish historian, professor, and rector of the University of Lwów (now Lviv, Ukraine; then in the Austro-Hungary). One of the founders of the Polish Historical Society
Polish Historical Society (Poland)
Polish Historical Society is a Polish scientific society for historians. Founded in 1886 in Lwów by Ksawery Liske as a local society, in 1926 it became the Poland-wide organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and studies in history of Poland. Since 1974 it organizes tournaments of...

 and a member of the Academy of Learning
Academy of Learning
Academy of Learning was a primary Polish scientific institution during the annexation of Poland founded in 1871 in Kraków and formed as a continuation of the Kraków Scientific Society . The institiution began activity two years later, in 1873...

. Medievalist. Deputy to the Austrian House of Lords
The German term Herrenhaus is equivalent to the English House of Lords and describes roughly similar institutions as the English House of Lords in German-speaking countries.More specifically, Herrenhaus, can refer to either of the following:...

. Buried at the Lychakivskiy Cemetery
Lychakivskiy Cemetery
-History:Since its creation in 1787 as Łyczakowski Cemetery, it has been the main necropolis of the city's inteligentsia, middle and upper classes. Initially the cemetery was located on several hills in the borough of Lychakiv, following the imperial Austro-Hungarian edict ordering that all...

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