TVN Style
TVN Style is a Polish channel aimed at women featuring the latest in fashion, health and beauty. It launched in August 2004 and is a part of the TVN network, owned by ITI Group
ITI Group
ITI Group , known as Grupa ITI in Polish, is a large media conglomerate headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. ITI Group controls the Polish television network, TVN, among its many holdings.The ITI Group was co-founded by businessmen Jan Wejchert and Mariusz Walter in 1984...



  • Miasto kobiet (City of women) - a daily talk-show about women's issues
  • Lekcja stylu (Lesson of Style) - a show about style, how to look and act
  • Salon piękności (The Beauty Salon) - a magazineshow about beauty care
  • WF (PE) - a gymnastic show
  • Zaklinacze wnętrz (The House Doctor)
  • Notes Kulinarny (Cooking Note-book) - a cooking show
  • Przeglądarka (Browser)
  • Nigella gryzie (Nigella Bites)
  • Co za tydzień (What a Week) - a magazineshow about weekly news (mainly in fashion and movies)
  • Telewizja od kuchni (TV. Making of) - a show about working in TV
  • Maja w ogrodzie (Maya in the garden) - a show about gardens, how to make them beautiful, how to create good flower compositions, and how to take care about your garden
  • Zielone drzwi (The Green Door)
  • Biografie (Biographies) - a show about famous people
  • Martha Stewart Living
    Martha Stewart Living
    Martha Stewart Living is a magazine and a television show featuring entertaining and home decorating guru Martha Stewart. Both the magazine and the television program focus on the domestic arts. Martha Stewart Living began as a quarterly magazine in 1990, published by Time Inc..and is currently...

     - Kuchnia Marty
  • Kto tu rządzi? (Who's the boss now?)
  • Jak się nie ubierać?
  • Ona czyli ja (She or me)
  • Mamo już jestem (Mom, I'm here)
  • Trinny & Susannah rozbierają
  • I ty możesz mieć super dziecko (You too can have SuperBaby) - a talkshow for parents how ro take good care for children
  • Superniania
    Supernanny is a reality TV programme which originated in the United Kingdom about parents struggling with their children's behaviour. The UK version has aired on Channel 4 with E4 showing repeats since 2004. The program returned in 2010...

     - a show about woman who comes to desperated parents houses, and helps them take care of very naughty children
  • 101 powodów dlaczego kochamy lata 90. (101 reasons for why we love the 90s.)
  • Przytulaki (Hug Friends) - an animation for children in young age (airing mainly in 6 am)
  • Bądź zdrowa (Be healthy) - a show about healthy eating and taking care of your body
  • Seks inspektorzy (Sex inspectors)
  • Coś więcej, niż cztery ściany (Something more than four walls) - a show about houses, how to make them look good, and buy suitable furniture
  • Hotel Babylon
    Hotel Babylon
    Hotel Babylon was a BBC television drama series based on the book of the same name by Imogen Edwards-Jones, that aired from 19 January 2006 to 14 August 2009, produced by independent production company Carnival Films for BBC One...

  • Rachel Allen
    Rachel Allen
    Rachel Allen is an Irish celebrity chef, known most widely for her work on television and as a writer.-Career as chef:...



  • Jolanta Kwaśniewska
    Jolanta Kwaśniewska
    Jolanta Kwaśniewska , née Konty is a Polish lawyer and charity activist who was First Lady of Poland between 1995 and 2005, as the wife of the then president Aleksander Kwaśniewski....

  • Wojciech Cejrowski
    Wojciech Cejrowski
    Wojciech Cejrowski - - is a Polish traveler, television and radio journalist, writer, Catholic publicist, satirist, photographer.-Education:...

  • Klaudia Carlos
  • Magda Mołek
  • Katarzyna Bosacka
  • Anna Maruszeczko
  • Dorota Zawadzka
  • Karolina Korwin-Piotrowska
  • Paulina Smaszcz
  • Dorota Wellman
    Dorota Wellman
    Dorota Wellman is a Polish journalist, television and radio personality and television producer. She graduated Polish studies and Art history from University of Warsaw. Wellman debuted in 1980s in Solidarity Radio and later in Radio Eska. Since 2006 she is known for presenting TV programme Dzień...

  • Joanna Racewicz
  • Omenaa Mensah
  • Paulina Młynarska
  • Weronika Marczuk-Pazura
  • Tomasz Kin
  • Olga Kuźniak
  • Anna Orłowska-Filasiewicz


  • Marzena Rogalska (Current TVP 2
    TVP 2
    TVP2 is a Polish public mainstream TV channel operated by TVP. Its varied line-up contains all kinds of programming although it focuses on entertainment: stand up comedy, comic shows, cabaret, and themed talk shows .-Polish soap operas:* M jak...

  • Iwona Radziszewska
  • Beata Tadla (Current Fakty TVN i TVN24)
  • Marta Kuligowska (Current TVN24)
  • Sylwia Paszkowska
  • Joanna Brodzik
    Joanna Brodzik
    Joanna Honorata Brodzik is a Polish actress. She is most famous for her roles in two soap operas: Magda M...

  • Karolina Malinowska
  • Beata Sadowska (Current TVP2)
  • Anna Dziewit
  • Katarzyna Montgomery (Current TV 4
    TV4 (Poland)
    TV 4 is a private Polish TV station.TV 4 was created through the amalgamation of the stations Nasza TV and Polsat 2 and started broadcasting on 1 April 2000. The station belongs to the Polskie Media. Polskie Media in approximately 90% owned by Polsat and approximately 9% of TVN...

  • Joanna Horodyńska (Current VH1 Polska
    VH1 Polska
    VH1 Poland is a Polish music channel from MTV Networks Poland. It was launched on December 1, 2005, replacing MTV Classic, another Polish MTV channel which used to broadcast mainly classic videos. VH1 Poland shows almost only music-based programs and plays a much broader range of videos than its...

  • Monika Tarka-Kilen (Current Radio WAWA)

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