TOE, German Cavalry Division, August 1914
This is a brief outline of the Table of Organisation and Equipment (TO&E) of the 11 German Cavalry Divisions that were established at the outbreak of the first World War
World War I
World War I , which was predominantly called the World War or the Great War from its occurrence until 1939, and the First World War or World War I thereafter, was a major war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918...


Table of Organisation and Equipment

  • Division Staff
    • "weaker than an infantry division"
  • 3 x Brigade Staffs
  • 6 x Cavalry Regiments (each of 4 squadrons)
    • 36 Officers, 688 NCOs and other ranks, 709 riding horses, 60 draught horses, 2 bridge wagons, 1 telephone wagon, 1 medical wagon, 5 baggage wagons, 5 supply wagons, 5 fodder wagons.
  • Horse Artillery Abteilung
    Abteilung is a German language word often used when referring to German or Swiss military formations...

    • 24 officers, 573 NCOs and other ranks, 780 horses, 55 vehicles / wagons, 12 guns organised as
    • Staff
      • 8 officers, 30 NCOs and other ranks, 36 horses, 1 observation wagon, 1 supply wagon, 1 baggage wagon
    • 3 x Horse Artillery Batteries
      • 4 officers, 133 NCOs and other ranks, 180 horses, 4 guns (each drawn by 6 horses), 9 vehicles
    • Light Ammunition Column
      • 4 officers, 144 NCOs and other ranks, 204 horses, 25 vehicles including 7 infantry small arms ammunition wagons designated for the cavalry
  • Machine Gun Detachment
    • 2 officers, 115 NCOs and other ranks, 27 riding horses, 60 draught horses, 15 vehicles including 6 MGs drawn by 4 horses, 1 reserve MG and 3 small arms ammunition wagons, 1 field kitchen, 1 store wagon, 1 fodder wagon, 1 baggage wagon
  • Pioneer Detachment
    • 2 officers, 46 NCOs and other ranks, 31 horses, 6 pioneer wagons
  • Signals Detachment
    • Heavy Wireless Station (2 in the 4th
      4th Cavalry Division (German Empire)
      The 4th Cavalry Division was a unit of the German Army in World War I. The division was formed on mobilization of the German Army in August 1914...

       and Bavarian
      Bavarian Cavalry Division (German Empire)
      The Bavarian Cavalry Division was a unit of the Royal Bavarian Army, part of the German Army, in World War I. The division was formed on mobilization of the German Army in August 1914. The division was disbanded in 1919 during the demobilization of the German Army after World War I...

      Cavalry Divisions)
      • 1 station wagon, 1 wireless mast wagon, 1 store wagon
    • 2 x Light Wireless Stations
      • 1 station wagon, 1 store wagon
  • Cavalry Motorised Vehicle Column
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