THC commonly refers to tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active chemical compound in Cannabis.THC may also refer to:* Tan Holdings Corporation...

commonly refers to tetrahydrocannabinol, the main active chemical compound in Cannabis.

THC may also refer to:
  • Tan Holdings Corporation
    Tan Holdings Corporation
    Tan Holdings Corporation is a holdings company located in the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands . Since 1983, the company's headquarters are located in Saipan. The company's CEO is Henry Tan, its President is Willie Tan, and its Executive Vice-President is Jerry Tan. All...

  • Tenet Healthcare
    Tenet Healthcare
    Tenet Healthcare Corporation, an investor-owned health-care delivery systems company based in Dallas, Texas. THC owns and operates 49 acute-care hospitals in 11 states and 90 outpatient centers in 12 states, with a majority of these hospitals in California, Florida and Texas...

    , an American healthcare provider; THC is its stock ticker ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange
  • Texas Historical Commission
    Texas Historical Commission
    The Texas Historical Commission is an agency dedicated to historic preservation within the state of Texas. It administers the National Register of Historic Places for sites in Texas....

  • The History Channel
    The History Channel
    History, formerly known as The History Channel, is an American-based international satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts a variety of reality shows and documentary programs including those of fictional and non-fictional historical content, together with speculation about the future.-...

    , former name of the cable channel History
  • The Hacker's Choice
    The Hacker's Choice
    The Hacker's Choice, also known as THC, is a non-commercialgroup of international security researchers andhackers.- About :THC was founded in 1995 in Germany and has published over 70 software...

    , Hacking Group
  • Thermohaline circulation
    Thermohaline circulation
    The term thermohaline circulation refers to a part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by global density gradients created by surface heat and freshwater fluxes....

    , an ocean current
  • THC (band), a band that plays trip hop and electronica music
  • Tower Hamlets College
    Tower Hamlets College
    Tower Hamlets College is a large further education college in Tower Hamlets, London, England. The college has four different campuses: the largest is on Poplar High Street, about 700m north of Canary Wharf; the others are at Arbour Square, Bethnal Green and the Financial Skills Academy on the East...

  • Transport Holding Company
    Transport Holding Company
    The Transport Holding Company was a British Government owned company created by the Transport Act 1962 to administer a range of state-owned transport, travel and engineering companies that were previously managed by the British Transport Commission ; it came into existence on 1 January...

  • tHc Dashboard, a modified dashboard for the Xbox game console, which later was replaced with UIX
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