Sunday Graphic
The Sunday Graphic was an English tabloid newspaper published in Fleet Street
Fleet Street
Fleet Street is a street in central London, United Kingdom, named after the River Fleet, a stream that now flows underground. It was the home of the British press until the 1980s...


The newspaper was founded in 1915 as the Sunday Herald and was later renamed the Illustrated Sunday Herald. In 1927 it changed its name to the Sunday Graphic, becoming the sister paper of the Daily Graphic
The Graphic
The Graphic was a British weekly illustrated newspaper, first published on 4 December 1869 by William Luson Thomas's company Illustrated Newspapers Limited....

. In 1931 it was merged with the Sunday News. It ceased publication on 4 December 1960.


1926: T. Hill
1931: Alan Sinclair
1935: Reginald Simpson
1947: M. Watts
1947: N. Hamilton
1948: Iain Lang
1949: A. J. Josey
1950: Barry Horniblow
1952: Philip Brownrigg
1953: Mike Randall
Mike Randall
Mike Randall was a British newspaper editor.Randall worked as a shipping clerk in Brazil in his youth. He moved to the UK at the start of World War II and took a job as a journalist at the Daily Sketch. In 1941, he moved to the Sunday Graphic, rising to become its editor in 1953...

1953: Gordon McKenzie
1958: Allan Hall
Allan Hall
Allan Hall was a British journalist.Born in Hemsworth, Hall began his career in journalism with the Newcastle Journal, but soon moved to London. By the age of 27 he became editor of the Sunday Graphic for a year, then in 1959 became managing editor of the News Chronicle...

1959: Robert Anderson
1960: Andrew Ewart

Source: David Butler and Anne Sloman, British Political Facts, 1900-1979, p.445
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