Sudās was a king in the Rig Veda. His name means "worshipping well", an s-stem, either from a root dās, or with the extra s added to avoid an archaic root noun in ā, Sudā-, which would easily be mistaken for a feminine name.

He is a descendant of Divodasa
Divodāsa is a name of a tribal king in the Rigveda , the son of Vadhryashva RV 6.61.5. He is the father of the famous Sudas .It is also the name of a king of Kashi surnamed Dhanvantari as per the hymn...

. Divodasa is a descendant of Srnjaya, who in turn is a descendant of Devavata. He was the victor in the famous Battle of the Ten Kings
Battle of the Ten Kings
Battle of the Ten Kings is a battle alluded to in Mandala 7 of the Rigveda , the ancient Indian sacred collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns. It is a battle between Aryans...

, which established the ascendency of the Bhar
Bhāratas are an Aryan tribe mentioned in the Rigveda, especially in Mandala 3 attributed to the Bharata sage Vishvamitra. In the "river hymn" RV 3.33, the entire Bharata tribe is described as crossing a river. Bharatá is also used as a name of Agni Bhāratas are an Aryan tribe mentioned in the...


Sudas can differently mean "one who gives beautiful gifts/ bountiful/ giver of great gifts". su (good, beautiful as in sundar)+ da: (h)(giver)(people of "madra" emphasized on the end ':h' so Sudah: was spoken as Sudas).

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