In botanical nomenclature, a subvariety (subvarietas) is a taxonomic rank
Taxonomic rank
In biological classification, rank is the level in a taxonomic hierarchy. Examples of taxonomic ranks are species, genus, family, and class. Each rank subsumes under it a number of less general categories...

 below that of variety
Variety (biology)
In botanical nomenclature, variety is a taxonomic rank below that of species: as such, it gets a three-part infraspecific name....

 (varietas) but above that of form
Form (botany)
In botanical nomenclature, a form is one of the "secondary" taxonomic ranks, below that of variety, which in turn is below that of species; it is an infraspecific taxon...

 (forma): it is an infraspecific taxon. Its name consists of three parts: a genus name, a specific epithet and an infraspecific epithet. To indicate the rank, the abbreviation "subvar." should be put before the infraspecific epithet.
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