Stubble is the regrowth of shaven
Shaving is the removal of hair, by using a razor or any other kind of bladed implement, to slice it down to the level of the skin. Shaving is most commonly practiced by men to remove their facial hair and by women to remove their leg and underarm hair...

Hair is a filamentous biomaterial, that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Found exclusively in mammals, hair is one of the defining characteristics of the mammalian class....

, when it is short and has a rough, abrasive texture.


During the 1980s, facial stubble on men became fashionable, partly due to being popularized by the singer George Michael
George Michael
George Michael is a British musician, singer, songwriter and record producer who rose to fame in the 1980s when he formed the pop duo Wham! with his school friend, Andrew Ridgeley...

, as well as Miami Vice
Miami Vice
Miami Vice is an American television series produced by Michael Mann for NBC. The series starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami. It ran for five seasons on NBC from 1984–1989...

. This was also known as designer stubble and was groomed, shaped, and maintained as a regular beard. Electric clippers can be used to maintain stubble on the face as a men's fashion style. Companies such as Wahl and Philips manufacture trimmers that are designed to maintain facial stubble. Removing the guard from most trimmers will give the user a stubbly look.
The term five o'clock shadow refers to beard
A beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin, cheeks and neck of human beings. Usually, only pubescent or adult males are able to grow beards. However, women with hirsutism may develop a beard...

 stubble that is visible late in the day on men who have shaved their faces that morning. The term can also refer to a visible stubble of underarm hair
Underarm hair
Underarm hair is the composition of hair in the underarm area .- Development and function :...

 regrowth on men or women who shaved their armpits that morning.
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