State law
In the United States
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

, state law is the law
Law is a system of rules and guidelines which are enforced through social institutions to govern behavior, wherever possible. It shapes politics, economics and society in numerous ways and serves as a social mediator of relations between people. Contract law regulates everything from buying a bus...

 of each separate U.S. state
U.S. state
A U.S. state is any one of the 50 federated states of the United States of America that share sovereignty with the federal government. Because of this shared sovereignty, an American is a citizen both of the federal entity and of his or her state of domicile. Four states use the official title of...

, as passed by the state legislature (and signed into law by the state governor
Governor (United States)
In the United States, the title governor refers to the chief executive of each state or insular territory, not directly subordinate to the federal authorities, but the political and ceremonial head of the state.-Role and powers:...

) and adjudicated by state courts. It exists in parallel, and sometimes in conflict with, United States federal law. These disputes are often resolved by the federal courts
United States federal courts
The United States federal courts make up the judiciary branch of federal government of the United States organized under the United States Constitution and laws of the federal government.-Categories:...


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    Uniform Act
    In the United States, a Uniform Act is a proposed state law drafted by the U.S. Uniform Law Commission and approved by its sponsor, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws ....

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    State constitution (United States)
    In the United States, each state has its own constitution.Usually, they are longer than the 7,500-word federal Constitution and are more detailed regarding the day-to-day relationships between government and the people. The shortest is the Constitution of Vermont, adopted in 1793 and currently...

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    California law consists of several levels, including constitutional, statutory, and regulatory law, as well as case law.-Constitutional law:...

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    The Florida law is based on the Florida Constitution , which defines how the statutes must be passed into law, and defines the limits of authority and basic law that the Florida Statutes must be complied with...

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    Law in the State of Louisiana is based in part on civil law. Louisiana is unique among the 50 U.S. states in having a legal system partially based on French and Spanish codes and ultimately Roman law, as opposed to English common law...

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    Maine law
    The Maine law, passed in 1851 in Maine, was one of the first statutory implementations of the developing temperance movement in the United States.-History:Temperance activist Neal Dow helped craft this law...

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    Oklahoma law is the state law of Oklahoma.Oklahoma law is based on the Oklahoma Constitution , which defines how the statutes must be passed into law, and defines the limits of authority and basic law that the Oklahoma Statutes must comply with. Oklahoma Statutes are the codified, statutory laws of...

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    Vermont law is the state law of Vermont.Vermont law is based on the Vermont Constitution and the 33 titles of Vermont Statutes.-Vermont Statutes:*Title 1: General Provisions*Title 2: Legislature*Title 3: Executive...

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